retiring to Lake Norman, NC

carolj79April 19, 2009

My husband has been retired for approx. 3 yrs. I am still working. We live in the state of NY. Just returned from a trip to Lake Norman, NC> beautiful area. We looked at the area in the eyes of perhaps moving down there, and we were impressed by what we saw. However, as tourists, there are things that natives of the area would know that we would not. Anyone here from that area? We liked the Mooresville area, not as congested as the Cornelius area. Thanks for any info. you could share on your experience of living and or of relocating there.

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Is your husband a Curious Cuss?

Does he like going into a new community and nosing around to find out what it is like? Checking out the vaRIOUS ASPECTS?


How would you feel about having hubs go down there for, say, a month or so, answer an ad to rent a room (or get board) and check out the area?

That should add to your fund of knowlesge.

"Look before you leap," was a saying that I used to hear frequently as I was growing up ... a couple of generations ago.

I'd suggest renting for a while if/when you decide to move to any retirement area ... as a longer-term experience may bring some less attractive aspects of the situation to your knowledge that you may not be willing to include as part of your lifestyle ... when you are no longer semi-attached to a certain area due to an employment situation.

Good wishes as you go about building your retirement plan.

ole joyful

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A friend of mine was looking for general relocation information, and used the website to find out more about the area from insiders who live there. She ended up in Holland Michigan, which makes little sense to me because she had lived in FL, and then NC, but wanted a more northern feel! Also check out website link below for information about the mountains and lake areas of the Southeast U.S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Relocation Guide to the Southeast U.S,

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Hi Carol,
I live in Kannapolis, NC (Cabarrus County) just a brief drive from Mooresville. I go there every few months or so and I've taken classes in Mooresville. They have a bigger thrift store that I go to (same co. not a big in Kannapolis). It's a great small town and GROWING close to major cities, like Charlotte. Davidson is just a few miles away, a lovely college town.
Right now, the prices for homes are still low and if I could move, I would probably move to Mooresville. It still has much of a small town feel to it. The downtown area is lovely and quaint. I don't know about the property taxes, you will have to refer to Iredell County. I've been here 30 years, moved to Charlotte at first. Got out of there, had more crime happen to me than all my 20 yrs. in S.Fla!! The surrounding towns are much better, cheaper taxes, less traffic, and it's a quick trip to Charlotte for theater, symphonies, plays.

The wonderful aspects of North Carolina are varied. There are a lot of small towns to travel. You would be right in between the mountains and the ocean, about 6 hrs. away from Wash.DC, 8 hrs. away from Kentucky. I used to live in S.Fla. so I am still amazed that you can get somewhere in just a few hours. Virginia on the west side is just gorgous!

Lake Norman property taxes are going up up up, so I would avoid that area. I just read that in the paper.

I was talking to a new employee at work, she was born in S.C. but lived in N.Y. for 13 years. She is now South again in N.C. She said that she had forgotten how "friendly" the folks are here in the south!! And of course, she does NOT miss the snow and dark days. Just had daylight savings, and it will get dark around 7:30...stays light till almost 9 in the summer months!!

I am enclosing a link from the PBS TV stations that show North Carolina Weekend. I think you can watch the shows online. I have learned a lot about NC by watching these shows. It really shows the history, cities, out of the way super good restuarants, the outer banks, the mountains. It's all good.
This is a good show to watch also :
And the link to the PBS channel is:

Hope this helps! Keep me posted! If you click on my name you can send me an email and let me know.

June Lynn

Here is a link that might be useful: NC Weekend

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Thank you all for the information. I will definitely check out the links your provided. Denver was also an area that we really liked. Any info. on Denver vs. Mooresville? DH seems to want a small town feel, but I need a good mall. Our mall was yanked out of our town about 8 yrs. ago and now drive 20 miles one way to shop at a mediuim-sized mall!! I also enjoy theater, etc. Any insight much appreciated.

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I live in "Mooresville West" (of I-77) and have for 2 + yeras. I think Denver is substantially more remote from services & shopping. It is strung out along Route 16 but is a growing area. There really is not any true downtown there just strip shopping centers and a Lowes (& I think Wal-Mart). Most everything else is good 20 miles away down Rt 16 or over in Mooresville. I live less than 5 miles from everythin and find it quite quiet & pleasant. But to each their own. Housing would likely be a bit cheaper in Denver. There is no mall in Mooresville just the big box stores (but all of them). There are Malls about 15 miles up or down I-77. Taxes far cheaper than NY.

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