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susie100April 2, 2009

I live in Ohio, I will be 65 in October. I currently have a $5K deductible catastrophic HSA wellness policy. It is not too user friendly for things other than routine tests. I would like to find a plan with a lower deductible that would pay for some things, possibly with a low co-pay. I can't exceed $250/month premium. I am going in Tuesday to talk with a local insurance agent. Anyone have any suggestions, please? My eyes glaze over and my face feels numb after about 10 minutes discussing the myriad plans, out of pockets, etc.


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I am assuming you will have medicare and social security's insurance, so you would only need a supplement. I only know about Blue Cross Blue Shield but I never pay a deductible and rarely pay a medical bill. I was stung by a wasp and had to pay for a tetanus shot. First time in years I have paid anything. I pay $150. a month for it.

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Stargazzer, what is the name of your plan? Is it with BC/SH? I have looked at their site. Thanks.

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Medicare kicks in at 65. Have you looked into (lots of info on the internet) purchasing Medicare Part B for about $96.00 a month?

I'd suggest at least reading up on what having Medicare Part B would do for you - just to have some additional information before talking to your insurance agent.

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I have the F supplemental insurance. I just called them recently and asked about over seas medical insurance and found out it is included in the F plan. Like I say I rarely pay a thing. I use to pay $25. for an ER visit but not any more.

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Better make it clear that does not pay for meds. I don't take any so it's no problem for me. I don't plan on taking a lot of meds except for antibiotics if I have an infection or pain meds for a broken bone, etc.. So far my doc has prescribed lost cost meds.

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I would suggest that you just contact an experienced broker, you will most likely have someone who can explain the ins and outs a little better and get several options, I doubt it will be cheap health insurance, it seems to be impossible to find but at least it will be free advise and suggestions.


Here is a link that might be useful: bbiusa

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This is what I have:

Medicare part A zero cost
Medicare part B 98.00
Medicare part D drugs 70.50 (through BC/BS)
Medicare Part B supplement 141.00 (through BC/BS)
total 309.50

Zero copays so far. Have not been hospitalized so I don't have any experience with that but I have only had to pay small amounts for drugs since retirement. Most of my drugs are 4 or 5 dollars at Walmart.

You can get coverage to supplement medicare through AARP. I think they use Humana. They can help you decide which plan to get based on your needs. I chose BC/BS because I only had to transfer over from my coverage at work with no interuption in service and I have preexisting conditions that I didn't want to have a hassle explaining to an new insurance company. My coverage does not include the coverage for out of country travel. The possiblity of my traveling on my limitd income is nonexistant so I couldn't see paying for that but I did get the next best plan as I have two autoimmune diseases to contend with. If you are in better health there are a couple of lower priced plans to consider and AARP/Humana and BC/BS have people to help you make that decision. Note: IMHO the drug plan is a good idea to consider when you look at the price you would have to pay for them without it and if you had to have a non generic med.

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Do you take meds. I didn't until a couple of weeks ago, but am now on blood pressure meds and a chlors. med, they each cost $6.85. I don't have insurance for meds. If there time comes I need high dollar meds I will get a policy then.

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I am still working & have group health insurance through my employer that costs me $188 a month. Do I have to purchase any other plans such as Part B or supplement as long as I am working? I turn 65 in November and had no idea this would be so complicated. I'm worried I'll have to pay a penalty if I don't opt for medicare coverage when first eligible but it looks like I'd be paying more than through my group health.

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Yes you need to purchase medicare Part B when you turn 65 although you have group insurance. If you do not the cost increases. Depending on your group health plan either it or Medicare becomes your primary health insurance. You probably will not need an additional supplement until you retire and even then you may be able to keep your group coverage. You need to look at and ask about what happens to your insurance when you turn 65 before you receive a nasty surprise.

With the increasing cost of medicine there is no way I would purchase a plan that did not cover your meds. Depending on the company if you have to go to hospital for care and your plan does not cover medicines you could have to pay for them out of pocket and even an aspirin is costly. No most hospitals will not allow you to bring your own medicine from home.

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We need health insurance because we cannot predict what our medical bills will be. In some years, our costs may be low. In other years, we may have very high medical expenses. If we have health insurance, we will have peace of mind in knowing that we are protected from most of these costs.Health insurance is insurance that pays for all or part of a person's health care bills. The types of health insurance are group health plans, individual plans, workers' compensation, and government health plans such as Medicare and Medicaid. The purpose of Medicare supplement insurance is to help people cover their health care costs. Health care costs include doctor visits, hospital stays, surgery, procedures, tests, home care, and other treatments and services.

Here is a link that might be useful: Medicare supplement insurance

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