Stone walls

zagyzebraSeptember 11, 2013

I'm wondering if any of you have stone walls inside your house and, if so, what you feel are the pros and cons. Do you feel the stone makes the room cold?

We are considering a stone wall in our master bedroom, which is quite large, circular and has a 15' or 20' high ceiling at the apex. The room has a lower wall, and an upper wall where the windows are. We are considering putting stone on the lower wall.

But we're debating. My partner says stone is cold. I happen to love the look of interior stone, particularly ancient looking stone, like in old French or Italian farm houses.

So I'm wondering, how do you feel about your interior stone walls?

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We have a rather large fireplace in the family room - with weathered edge stone. Looks great. One thing though - you have to dust it!

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