More help with Medicare, please!

kat123April 5, 2014

Sorry, I'm having trouble posting me question, so please excuse if it ends up in the wrong area.
My husband & I want to go with United Health Care for our Medicare. Our insurance agent is excellent & been around for years. He is not certified with UNH, but has completed all the requirements necessary for certification with UNC. It has been a month & UNC is dragging their feet & not following up. Our agent has finally spoken to the "top UHC man" in our large city regarding the slow & unprofessional process. Supposedly our agent should get his qualification any day. We are concerned because we must be on Medicare by the last day of this month, April 30. Should we just go with another agent we know who is certified with UHC. This entire process is just horrible and terribly unprofessional on United Health Care's part! Help, please!

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Yes, go with another agent who is certified.

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I have never heard of united health care? Is that a supplemental for medicare? When we went on medicare we just had to choose what we wanted, no certification.

I just read your post on another thread and I understand it better. I still do not understand the certification.

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I assume you want supplemental Medicare coverage, and perhaps prescription drug coverage as well. Sure you need to go through an agent? I recently switched from a Medicare supplement to Medicare Advantage, with Aetna, and completed the enrollment over the phone, directly with an Aetna representative. United HealthCare is a major player. I suggest you visit their website, follow the cues for Medicare supplement, and see if they don't have a customer service line, that would let you discuss your situation with a representative. There are some deadlines involved here, and you should be sure you know what they are.

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United Healthcare is a huge insurance company - they must have thousands of agents. But then again, you may not need one. Why not try calling them and see if you can buy it directly - it might be cheaper than having to pay a premium that includes a commission for the agent.

Your experience is kinda like going into a Mazda dealership to buy a new Toyota. Either you buy what they're selling or you go elsewhere. I wonder if that might be what's up with your insurance agent, that he could be telling a tall tale? Even if not, if he's inexperienced with United's products, you'd probably do better using someone more experienced with the specific insurer.

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