Retirement Community Like the Villages in FL

fiveholetargetApril 1, 2012

My wife and I are interested in a retirement community simular to the Villages in Florida. The main reason we don't check out the Villages themselves is because of the severe weather that they are prone to. We (mainly the wife) love the idea of the many clubs and activities there. Is there any other communities that are simular? Oh yes, I would also like to have at least a one hundred yard shooting range in the area.

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Hope someone posts something it is confusing trying to google this subject so many are assisted living places,.
What area are you looking to go to?

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Minnie, it sounds like the OP is NOT looking for assisted living, but an age-restricted retirement community.

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The OP could always Google over age 55 communities in whatever state or area he's interested in. I did and got over 145000 hits for my state alone. The internet can be a handy tool for any initial fact finding investigation.

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We live in Kings Gate Club, an over 55 community, which is located in Nokomis, FL., on the outskirts of Venice, FL. a beautiful little town. About twio miles down the road is Knights Trail Shooting Range. I'm not positive about the exact name, but that's pretty close. Everybody loves Kings Gate Club - many, many activities. Some of the homes have Gulf access, there is a boat launch, RV storage, beautiful pool and clubhouse. Check it out at

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My husband and I found a wonderful, wonderful place to live. We moved to Sun City in Hilton Head, South Carolina. There are over 100 activities, so your wife would love that. My husband plays golf and I play a lot of mahjong. We have tons of things we can do together.We have our own restaurants, theatre, 3 golf courses,12 tennis courts, etc. It is not as big as the villages, but we do have about 12,000 residents.
The houses are nice and are in several price ranges. The very best thing is the folks you meet. There is a saying here that it doesn't matter who you were or what you did before, here everyone is in the same boat. It's true. We all love life and want to enjoy our remaining years in an active, mentally stimulating atmosphere, with fun loving people.
The place is absolutely beautiful and extremely well cared for. South Carolina has about 12 weeks of winter, rest of time it is nice. August gets a little hot, but not unbearable. Hurricanes have not been a problem although we are close to the ocean.
My best suggestion would be to check out their website and take a look. I am so happy we are here. It was the very best decision we could have made. Good luck to you, and let us know what you decide to do.

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Dmickey, have you checked out this resource? Nice showcase of 55+ active adult communities in Florida. There's also info about active retirement communities in other southern states if you're worried about hurricanes (is that what you meant about severe weather?)!

Here is a link that might be useful: 55+ Retirement Communities

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Could you explain what you mean when you say The Villages is prone to extreme weather?

I've lived in a 55+ community 15 miles South of The Villages for 7 years, and other than a tornado ONCE that affected maybe a dozen or so houses, with no fatalities, the weather here is perfect.

BTW, my community, The Plantation at Leesburg is fully built out & owned by the homeowners. Lots of activities & 2 golf courses.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Plantation at Leesburg

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Here's a link to view Kings Gate in Pt. Charlotte FL. it has all you asked for and more, plus 5 mins away is the Deep Creek golf/club, very popular, although not into golf, but live here in Charlotte County 32 yrs. traveled the USA but this is home/paradise.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kings Gate

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on top of the world in Ocala fla. real nice golf cart community. like the villages, but costs less.

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There's a retirement community in Elliott Lake, Ontario, that was formerly a substantial mining town and there was a lot of housing available at reasonable prices when the mine(s?) closed.

They advertise a lot ... and I think that the people who live there find a variety of things to do and enjoy the relationships.

It's a couple of hundred miles north of Toronto, north-east of Lake Huron.

That'd be about 250 mi. north of Cleveland ... as the crow flies.

ole joyful

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billth, tell me more about the top of the world there in Ocala. Tell me the good/bad etc. Is there an ACTIVE 55+ group there. What is the age groups and what is the ratio of singles I am retired and looking southward. thankyou Grady756

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We visited The Villages last December & had an absolute blast. As impressive as it looked in all of the literature, their website, in the YouTube videos, really HAVE to see it in person to get a true grasp of what it's really like. Wow, is all I need to say.

The wife had found On Top of the World's website online & wanted to go see it, on the way home thru Ocala we decided to check it out. Not Impressed at all. First of all, it's kind of isolated down a long road from the highway. There's a small shopping area outside of the gate, but at 10:30am on a wednesday morning it was virtually deserted, and I believe that way more than half of the storefronts were vacant. The only way to get inside the front gate is to schedule a tour with a sales rep......which we decided not to do after seeing the ghost town retail area. What we were able to see of the golf course & homes looked very nice & well maintained......but after just coming from the vibrant & alive atmosphere of The Villages, it just didn't appeal to us.

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Does anyone know anything about Oak Run Retirement Community in Ocala?

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I don't know if this thread is still alive, but wanted to mention a wonderful retirement community near Austin. It's actually in Georgetown, TX and was rated as the #1 retirement community a few years ago.

Here's one of many websites if you want to read more............

Here is a link that might be useful: SunCity

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I also have a friend who lives in a Del Web community in Henderson,NV, also a very active senior community, but even hotter than TX.

Here is a link that might be useful: Henderson

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