Craftsman 139.53918D Garage Door Opener

psybladeJanuary 21, 2009

Once in awhile my wife goes to leave in the morning and the garage door opens, but won't close all the way. She tries a few times, gives up, disengages it, closes it manually and leaves. I come home, reengage it, and it works fine. I adjust the FORCE adjustment anyway, which is automatic on this opener. It is not like the old opener where I could just turn the dial and increase the force. This opener operates the door open and closed and "learns" the force that is necessary. I understand the force needs to be adjusted depending on the weather, but it has happened a couple of times now in the winter. Parts are lubricated. It is a 1/2 HP belt drive (very quiet). It was "professionally" installed (IE I paid Sears' contractor) and everything seems to be alligned. The safety reversal sensors are alligned. My wife is getting peeved. Any ideas.

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You say the door won't close all the way. Does it start to close and then reverse to the open position and the main light flash 10 times?

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I have a craftsman garage door opener also and it open just fine with the remote, but it can't be close with the remote and I would have to hold down the wall unit in order to close it. I have noticed on both of my sensor that only one sensor has the green light on and the other does not. Do i need to replace the other sensor or it just need to be fix or tweak so that the green light will light up? Any advice would be helpful, thanks.

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Check the wires for the dark sensor and make sure they aren't broken or a connection came loose.

Are the sensors pointing at each other? With minor adjustments can you get the dark one to respond? You might want to unfasten the sensors from the wall and put them close to each other to see if they work.

If they don't work then it might be time for replacement sensors.

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Don, my wife did not know about the flashing, but, yes, it did go back up on its own.

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If the main light flashes 10 times when the door reverses it is a sensor problem. Make sure the small light on each sensor is lit and not flashing. Sometimes the flashing of the small light is very difficult to see and will make the problem intermittent. Tweak the sensors just a bit and try.

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Everytime I have checked the green and amber sensors, they are lit steadily. We have made sure there are no leaves or cobwebs in the way. It has not happened again since I posted my first note. I guess I will just have to wait and hope it happens to me and not my wife.


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I currently own a 12year old house with a 1/2hp craftman garage door opener installed when built. The garage door will not open at all. Not with remote or wall unit. It just makes a clicking noise, same noise as if I was trying to turn on the light. The sensor lights are on as well as a blinking green light on the opener unit itself. Is this a problem that can be repaired or do I need to replace.

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