Is This Site Reputable?

joetheplannerMarch 2, 2009

Hey.. I was looking for tips on retirement, and I came across this site:

Is the information on this site truthful?

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Just scanned it quickly - reads like somebody's blog - but didn't see anything glaringly wrong with his definitions and very general information, etc. A lot of this stuff is just to put things out there to get you thinking about what might resonnate in your own individual circumstance. I would venture to say that what you see is what you get - these websites certainly aren't going to provide tailor made plans.

The only thing I'd ask you - how close are you to retirement and what have you done to prepare for it so far? Being young and planning for the distant future is one thing; trying to get a jumpstart or play catch up at age 55 (or whatever) is another.

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