Stucco repair

leeseebrJanuary 23, 2013

We have to replace the stucco on the back of our home (we have discovered a leak). We have met with a few contractors and they each want to use a different material and differ on the tar paper they will use. Is there a right and wrong choice? What should we be using? thanks for your help.

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tyvek has a product called stucco wrap.
it is rippled, to promote shedding of water.
felt (tar paper)is also used behind stucco

any product for stucco ( stucco wrap or felt)
required two layers.

the top layer the stucco adheres to,
the bottom layer next to studs, is the bond break.
this allows any moisture to be drained from
behind the stucco.

from link below:
The solution to the bonding problem is pretty straightforward�the use of a "bond break"�an additional layer of building paper between the stucco and the water management layer building paper (two layers of building paper). The best bond break between building paper and stucco, is, you guessed it, another layer of building paper (Figure 1). Similarly, a building paper bond break should be used between plastic building papers and stucco. For reasons that are not quite understood3 plastic building papers do not make as good a bond break as paper building papers (Photograph 7). The use of a second layer of building paper as a bond break is not ubiquitous�it should be. Stucco, today, needs every edge it can get.

best of luck.

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