ionized_gwJanuary 23, 2012

I am scraping and repainting a cornice that supports gutters at the edge of a flat roof on my house. Should the joint between the bottom and outside boards be caulked before painting? I think that it had paint pretty much filling the space before.

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IMO it's better to leave it w/o caulk; otherwise it can become a water trap. If there is an unsightly gap, look into renailing the fascia board for a better fit.
That's one place where it's okay for it to breathe.

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Thanks, assuming that it is totally decorative, that is what I thought.

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If the cornice supports the gutter, it is not "totally decorative". You need to show us the detail.

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OK, here is the detail
South from underneath

North side from Northwest

North side from Northeast

From South

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