attic mold/insulation questions

vbensleyJanuary 19, 2012

Hello there - looking for some advice about attic mold removal.

We finally decided to have an insulation guy take a look at the old part of our house (cold in winter, hot in summer) and discovered very inadequate insulation, but also that the entire underside of our roof (old portion and 17 year old addition) is black with mold.

We have decided on Icynene Insulation (spray foam). They will come remove the old insulation, then we have to have mold remediation, then they will spray the floors of the attic.

Yes, we know the issue is ventilation. THere are plenty of soffit vents in the addition, but they are blocked by insulation (we did not put in the addition). We have an attic fan, and gable vents in the front of the house, and are looking at adding some round vents in the side walls. That, and the seal the spray foam will give we hope takes care of the moisture issue in the attic.

I'm getting bids from a few mold removal companies. The first one uses a spray product but cannot do the work in winter because the wood is too wet. They claim it only takes a few hours, then it just dries overnight and that's the end of the mold.

I'm also trying to get bids on the dry-ice blasting, which I am drawn to because it supposedly does a great job removing the mold and is eco friendly with no chemicals/odor (my son and I both have asthma). The guy who came out today said he thought it would be best to rip off the entire roof and sheathing. Half of the roof is 2 years old, the other only 8!

I have 2 more companies coming out, but I'm getting such varied information from these guys I wanted to ask for other opinions.

So, what do you think is the best method for the mold removal? Anyone with experience with the Icynene Insulation?

Many thanks for any advice!

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Moisture issues are very climate-specific. You don't give enough information for any meaningful advice. Where I live, for example, it is generally advisable to seal up the attic and spray foam insulate the underside of the roof.

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Sorry, I live south of Chicago (zone 5). The insulation guy said that spraying the underside of the roof would be more $ and create additional conditioned space that was unnecessary (his words).

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The first you do is youâÂÂll need to remove anything youâÂÂve been storing close to the mold. TheyâÂÂll have to be thrown out or cleaned if you see mold on them.

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