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doterooMarch 1, 2006

This forum seems to have perked up a little lately but seems to me like it would be more useful if it was changed to another name. There doesn't seem to me that much to talk about concerning retirement but say Seniors, Over the Hill Club, over 60 etc and we could talk about alot more. For instance our dry heels and lips, senior discounts, health care, insurance, and many other things that just don't fall under retirement. Does anyone else think this way or do you think it's better just being "retirement"? Is there another forum for over 60 folks and I've just over looked it?

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I agree. I don't even like the designation "retirement", it is just a change in lifestyle IMHO. Too many people are retired and believe that they dont "have" to do anything, so they vegetate.
There are always challenges. There is always work, a word that has a bad reputaion, but it doesn't need to. I see retirement as controlling your own time rather than selling it to an employer on his/her terms. The work I do is my own creation and I find satisfaction and joy in it. I have been "retired" since 1984 - does that make me an expert? LOL

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I would think that issues like "dry heels and lips, health care" would fall under the forums of Beauty or Health, irregardless of age. I just recently started looking at this forum and was quite happy to have found it!

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I agree with you eloise but my point is that you can't cover much under retirement and the forum doesn't move. But take in the problems and concerns of seniors and it could become more active by giving us a better place to talk about more things. Dry heels and lips was just an example.

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I've said that it seems to me that it should be designated under "Family", or "Lifestyle" or some other heading, but it is currently under "Financial", which to my mind may scare some people off, as they may conclude that it's only involved with the financial side of retirement.

There are many aspects of retirement and it seems to me that we should feel free to deal with any or all of them, here.

ole joyful

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retirement means different things to different folks, my wife says iam semi retired as i only work 2 weeks a month,plus 6 weeks vac. at 47 i dont consider myself semi retired, i will be able to (fully retire) at 55, but most likely will continue to work since i only work 2 weeks a month, with 6 weeks vac. its alot of money for very little time. so why give it up. my wife on the other hand, shes 49 and says shes done, shes retiring at 55, she puts in 40 plus hours a week. and shes sick of it. so whats retirement? someone giving up a great job, to slog it out at wal-mart for extra cash, or working til your mid 60s to play golf and travel.

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Speaking of "broadening" ...

... seems to me I've heard that quite a few folks seem to have trouble with broadening of the beam (right around mid-section).

o j

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Very funny oj! I have been retired one year effective March 1, and am definitely making sure that I DO NOT broaden :-)! I exercise, dance, garden and walk with friends.

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My greatest fear as we approach retirement is remaining goal oriented. I am frightened of feeling that I am not contributing, just sucking up air and resources that could be better used by a younger person. I don't dwell on this to any morbid degree and I do realize that much of that is in my own hands, but I just watched my retired brother's life in retirement and just futzing with his yard seems so pointless. He is in a retirement community where people are constantly moving because they become ill, or the lifestyle isn't what they wanted. They find it hard to make any lasting friendships or any deep friendships at all. There are no children there. There are no non-white people there. The big excitement was when Applebee's came to town. I found it depressing.

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eloise ca,

Speaking of "Dances" ...

... have you been over to the "Kitchen Table"?

Get a load of the thread, "Ask Dances".

Dances in Garden is *really* funny!

You can ask her any question that you choose.

Good wishes to you for a good laugh, today - it keeps you on your toes.

Healthy, too.


Can you beat that?

ole joyful

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