Baby quilt is pieced

loisflanDecember 26, 2011

I took the opportunity of a day off to finish the baby quilt top today. I'm really pleased with it. I need some advice though. What color would you quilt this with? The backing will be a champagne colored Minky. Would you quilt this with an overall pattern (pantograph?), or would you customize the quilting around the little sailboats? I'm using Minky backing again on this one, so I'll be taking it to a LA quilter. Does an overall pattern even work over appliques? (Although the color looks blue, the actual fabric is quite aqua, because I don't know the sex of the baby yet.) Thanks for your suggestions.

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I can't help you with a quilting decision, but really like the way these fabrics look together. Very cute quilt.


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Very nice. Love your fabrics and pattern. I like aqua and browns togeather. I don't feel qualified to advise on the quilting but would like the custimized around the sailboats. Great job. TFS

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Oh, Lois, it's wonderful! You did a fabulous job getting the borders so precise.

I would probably quilt around the sailboats. I think an allover pattern would detract from the boats. I'm sure your LA quilter will have good advice for you.


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So pretty! I love the colors you chose. I am wondering to how hard it is to quilt over applique. I have a top I am assembling with dresden plates that I would like to get quilted.


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Love the colours too!
Maybe some wavy lines through the sashing to resemble water for the boats. But probably just around the boats for the rest.

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Very Cute!

You CAN quilt over the appliques, but I think a nice echo stitching or background fill stitch behind the boats would be real pretty.

If you did choose a pantograph, there are lots of cute ones with boat/beach/sea themes that would be appropriate.

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It's lovely. No help with the quilting...not my area of expertise. Look forward to seeing it after quilting. TFS.


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I think I would quilt a background filler around the sailboats and motifs. What you do not quilt - or quilt less densely is what will stand out.
A custom quilting job is going to cost alot more than a panto.
Since you are backing it with Minky, your LA will be able to guide you - I have no experience with Minky, and I do not know if you can quilt densely or unevenly using Minky.
I am interested in what she recommends.
You did a great job on the applique and on the quilt. I can tell you really enjoy this!

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I would quilt with a loose panto like waves or bubbles...too dense of quilting makes the quilt "stiff" for a baby...i would go with a light aqua..

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Oh, thread...I forgot. I think a varigated thread in aqua or neutral would work.

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ncutt is correct - the denser the quilting, the stiffer the quilt. If you do a background filler, keep it loose.

I love variegated thread. To help reduce the expense, use a solid color thread that blends in the bobbin. It will sink into the Minky.

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That is precious! I don't have advice to offer on the quilting, except that I would not quilt over the appliques. Quilting around them will draw attention to them. I like the idea of variegated thread.

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Thanks for all your thoughtful comments. I will bring up all these issues with my quilter. I spoke to her the other day to see if she does custom quilting. She said her personal favorites are appliqued quilts, so she is very used to doing custom quilting.

I love the idea of simulating waves/water/bubbles. I hadn't even thought about the quilting density issue. All your suggestions are really appreciated and instructional. Thanks again for your help. And a Happy New Year to everyone.

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I am just in love with your creation. It looks so old-fashioned and yet not 'outdated' old fashioned. Maybe I want to say traditional. I can see this as a pattern a child would love well into the drag the blankie phase hits. Also love the bubble quilting suggestion.

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Wow that's really pretty! I love the little whale at the bottom - and the colors look beautiful together. What about quilting it in a pale blue?

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Beautiful and precious! This will be a treasure for the child and for their family.

I'm a Minky fan and have used it on a few quilts. I don't have a LA, so just quilted them on my regular machine. It's not easy to get it smooth, but maybe stretched on a LA frame it's a simpler process. I suspect echo quilting or anything very detailed is going to be tough with the Minky. I would use a big all over panto for a baby quilt for exactly the reason given above: it's softer! Shells, starfish or big circular waves would be cute. Or that concentric circles panto that Mary_C uses on some of her LA quilts!

I like variegated thread for quilting and would think neutrals would be nice for this quilt. Of course, if you can find something in aquas and beige that would be great!

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You made a beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Best to you,

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