Anyone used 'Creative Crown' foam crown moulding?

beenie130September 21, 2005

I found this product on the web called "Creative Crown." It is a foam crown moulding that is glued in place with "liquid nails" glue. The corners are premade so there is very little work involved. You measure the corner angle and order it from them. Not sure how it would look or hold up compared to MDF. Would love to hear from those of you with some experience with Crown Moulding...if you have heard anything about foam crown in general, and this product in particular.

Thanks for your help

Here is a link that might be useful: creative crown

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Haven't heard of this particular brand but I've seen foam crown used. Obviously you wouldn't want to use it anyplace where it could get hit, which is why I've only seen it used as crown. That said, to me it's indistinguishable from other painted crown.

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ventupete, thanks for the advice. Do you see any disadvantages to using the foam crown, such as damaging the walls if you ever took it down? It sure is tempting to put it up, would be so much easier and less expensive.

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The Villa Deco brand of crown molding is the best foam crown molding to use. It is made from hard foam (styrofoam) and it goes up with caulking. Very easy. Hard to find. website is

Here is a link that might be useful: Villa Deco USA

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Villa Deco is a quality product (made in Germany) and so far they have distributors in CA, NY, and NJ, but they will ship anywhere. Free samples can be ordered at their new website:

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I've used Focal Point crown moulding from HD, , a composite that is glued up. Looks as good as painted wood crown.

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If its going to be painted anyway, I see no point wasting good wood on it. The foam will look as nice, last as long, cost far less.

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Life is too short to use inferior materials.

MDF looks like MDF.
Foam looks like foam.
Wood looks like wood.

If you can't tell the difference, go with the foam.

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I found sosimplecrown on this website and used the product in my living room. Great product, easy, people are very helpful. They did some specialty cuts for us (bay window) no charge. One problem, looks so good the wife wants to do the Master bedroom next.

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I just put Creative Crown molding in my living room and it looks like wood. They are very nice people to deal with and it was pretty easy for a 5'2" woman to put up alone. It was more work than it seemed, but definitely worth it, especially at 78 cents per foot for 3 1/2 inch molding!! I'm going to do more. Everyone who sees it can't believe it's not wood and I LOVE it.

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cinbun, could you please post a photo so we can see your handy work? Thanks

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Foam is easier to work with than either wood or MDF if you do not have experience with wood. MDF chips rather easily, making sharp angles problematic.

As for the removal and wall damage, how many times does one remove crown molding and not do more extensive reworking?

Use the foam.

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Dora Vann Snider

Would like to see pictures, too.

Am thinking about using the Creative Crown.


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I posted a picture of a corner of the living room with the crown up, but it doesn't seem to be on my page.

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I have not used them specifically, is that the foam stuff? I have always stood by the fact that real hardwood is simply the best material to use. It looks better, but of course requires a bit more to install.

Also, I found a blog that talks about tip just like this. Good tips so far for beginners.

Here is a link that might be useful: How To Crown Molding

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I thought crown moulding is all about wood works but thanks for this. It widen my horizon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crown Moulding

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Foam looks like foam.

What if it's skim coated with drywall mud before painting?

Just a thought.

I only use plaster moulding as buyers will sneer at any imitations--even if they're fooled by it. (Probably the same people who don't realize that faux finish marble is often as expensive as actual marble.)

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"What if it's skim coated with drywall mud before painting? "

You will round over edges and destroy and detail.

It will look even worse.

The chief problem with foam is the lack of the sharp corners that you get with wood.

Even MDF tend to have problems with sharp corners.

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I couldn't believe that foam crown molding could look as good as wood, but it does! Even on 8 foot ceilings you cannot tell the difference if you do a good job painting it.

I bought Creative Crown Molding for two rooms and love it so much we are going to do two more!

It's easier to work with, it's cheaper and it looks great.

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Thought I'd give foam crown molding a shot, after hearing users recommend it. Still very undecided.

The cost of $2.00 per linear foot is comparable to many mdf and polystyrene molding. Plus to ship a package containing
8 6.5 foot lengths from Texas to the east cost was $41.00.

So to do a 10 x 13 room... cost of materials $200.00
Not including primer, paint, adhesive.

Creative Crown WAS selling on their website but now redirects purchasers to two
other distributors and plus a bunch of information URL's to make it look bigger. The product is manufactured in Germany.

I ordered corners... thinking they were corner BLOCKS. Silly me.. all creative crown did was miter 8 pieces to make
4 corners. For this they charged $22.00

The quality of material left a lot to be desired. Yes this is foam cell, like the stuff used for packaging. I had to
sand all the pieces and wipe them down to remove the foam bits and dust.

The first coat of water based primer showed ALL of the imperfections of which there were MANY. These pieces were not pristine, each had small dents, gouges. high spots which require sanding down or filling in. These pieces are NOT ready to install out of the box unless as a homeowner you don't take pride in your work. And if I had to put this up for a client... I wouldn't !!!

Haven't put them up yet, so can't tell how they will look or if the seams can be concealed. I'll update this post as
work progresses.

Definitely NOT an alternative to wood or polystyrene.

This IS lightweight, and go up with construction adhesive. Which basically says... YOU"VE RUINED YOUR CEILING IF YOU HAVE TO TAKE DOWN A BROKEN PIECE OR DECIDE TO GO WITH A DIFFERENT LOOK.

Wood and polystyrene go up with nails and fasteners.. easy
to patch the nail holes. This stuff goes up with construction adhesive and caulking which is a real bear to remove from a surface.

Don't hit it with a broom handle when dusting your ceiling. Don't use oil-based primers, paints or sprays.

Thankfully I only purchased enough for one room and will look into the more traditional methods for all the other rooms.

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Day two and the nightmare continues. I would highly recommend AGAINST using this product especially if you are a contractor working on a clients house.

If you have a small informal room and use a simple pattern
this might still work for you especially if you're on a limited budget, BUT in the long run it would be less expensive to go with more durable materials. Having used
this stuff, I would consider it a liability if I saw it
in a house. A cheap quick fix.

Problem #1 butting two seams together... and one piece of molding is LARGER than the other one by almost 3/16 of an inch... it looks like almost 3 different batches of molding are here... none match. There is a noticeable
different in dimensions where seams butt. It ain't seamless !!

Problem #2 The DVD showed CORNER BLOCKS. Instead they ship SHORT PIECES which are mitered. This adds TWO ADDITIONAL SEAMS TO EVERY WALL. CCM13 Santa Fe is a raised intricate pattern, seams are difficult to match up.

Problem #3 This stuff is super easy to dent. Installation instructions say " Lay a bead of construction adhesive about the thickness of a pencil along the edge". TWO problems here.... pushing the piece up against the wall with
enough pressure to distribute the glue and seat it properly also put dents ALL over as you push each section into place.
The foam surface which was somewhat dented already now looks positively distressed in several places. Also that
bead of construction adhesive is so excessive, it goes all over the place, requiring massive cleanup off ceiling. AND if you JUST PAINTED your ceiling... it means you've now FLASHED the paint job and need to do it over again... Another couple of hundred dollars shot to save a few bucks.

A few nice things to say... you can trim this with a razor
knife and a pair of kitchen scissors.

Well the molding is up on the wall... and I've started spackling which takes 1 to 5 hours to dry before recoating or painting. Because of the intricate pattern " Sunflowers and Vines a.k.a. 'Santa Fe" I loaded each seam
extra high and will use a dremel tool to smooth the design
and layer over the covered opening... hoping to make the
seams invisible.

After rechecking the website.. Creative Crown no longer carries ANY of the Villa Deco moulding.. looks like they completely got rid of their product line. I wonder why ??

So my final opinion... This is a product that belongs on Saturday afternoon info-mercials along with george foreman grills and electric hot dog cookers. It COULD be useful for
someone looking to flip a house and in a residence where foam molding would not look out of place, but in mid-scale or upscale houses...this is definitely NOT the product.

My fallback position ?? If after spackling, sanding and painting it still looks terrible then I'll cut through the
adhesive with a putty knife.. scrape off the remaining adhesive, throw this stuff in the trash and replace with
a higher quality product. One thing is for sure... this
won't be used in the other rooms... another expensive lesson learned !!

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I would like to start out saying I am the owner of
Creative Crown foam crown moldings.

The person that posted the comment must not know how to tie his shoes! He needs some help!

'Now I will comment on we sold him SantaFe molding'

We do not sell Santa fe moldings. They are sold by another company not related to us and they are about $1.50 per foot. Not $2.00 per foot.

His comment: Creative Crown was selling on their website but now redirects purchasers to two other distributors and www.foamcrownmolding com plus a bunch of information URL's to make it look bigger.The product he purchased is manufactured in Germany.

*Creative Crown does not sell or mfg any crown moldings made in Germany, China or Belgium.* and
distribute our products.


They are a high density molded foam crown molding.
They only require 1 coat of paint and install with just simple painters caulk.
They do not contract or expand like wood moldings do.

They can be cut in most positions in most saws.

YES, they do save a lot of money on labor!

Any DIY person can cut and install Creative Crown Moldings As long they have common sense.

I looked up to see the kind of molding he bought on the web. He purchased a molding with a pattern that does not line up in the corners when cut. Do your homework before you buy! He did not even follow the mfg. suggested installation instructions. They had videos and a toll free # to help him.
His project problems were caused by him alone. and are to very trust worthy companies. They should not be bashed in this manner!

Here is a link that might be useful: Creative Crown

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

My previous home was on a golf course and the entire house was coated with foam! There were golf ball holes everywhere!

I have nothing against foam! It's a good insulator, and I wish my ceilings here were high enough! Love the look of crown molding!

Rock on!

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Wow, creativecrown, your post does not impress me at all. Insulting your customers in public is pathetic and makes me sure I will never buy your product.

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It seems to me that "garden person" is not a customer of Creative Crown so why would anyone say the owner insulted a customer?

The mistake here appears to be buying things on the internet without paying attention to what you are buying or from who you are buying it.

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My opinion of this unprofessional Internet response stands.

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Creative Crown, If this guy had all of the facts before running down my company I would not have made this post. Our company does not make or sell German made moldings. So it ok to trash us? How would you feel?

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Attacking the victim is disturbing no matter what the justification.

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Stooping to the offending parties level makes you look worse as the "professional" in the situation. I doubt anybody reading the OP's rant would take that as gospel and if they were you probably would not want them as a customer either. As I was told years ago there are three sides to every story!

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Garden person's libelous statements were easily accessible through an online search for 6 months. It is impossible to know how much Creative Crown's reputation and business was damaged but since so many people rely on the internet for their information and this thread is currently number 4 in a Google search, the damage could be considerable.

It is the height of petty moralizing to demean someone for getting upset and using angry words when unfairly attacked and irreparably damaged. Only someone who has never been damaged by false accusations and who holds manners above fairness would feel the need to add insult to injury.

This post was edited by Renovator8 on Sat, Jul 13, 13 at 11:00

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Say everyone, I would like to tell you something about Creative Crown. I have bought products form them four times. They have the best customer service of any crown molding company in the country! I could always call them if I had a problem or needed help. They were AAA to me!
I agree a 100% with his post. I might have done the same if I was in there shoes.
This person could have picked up the phone and called as I did and got the answer he need. He did run down Creative Crown. I will send all my friends to them.
I will tell you that they did sell retail and now they are manufacturing a great crown molding. They have been doing this for about a year and a half now. Oh, and they do not have multiple websites., and do not belong to them.....
Please get the facts before you post.
Have a great day!

This post was edited by remolder22 on Sun, Aug 18, 13 at 12:32

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If what CreativeCrown says is true, Garden_Person needs to apologize for and retract what they wrote.

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If a member feels that comments are in violation of the terms of service at the GardenWeb and wants them removed he should notify the moderator by clicking on the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page.

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remolders (lol at the spelling) post stinks a little in my mind as he registers today and seems to know the company's history and rack record after having purchased from them a whole 4 times!!

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I use it. Works great and YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT TELL THAT IT IS FOAM. If it looked like foam I would not have put it in 4 rooms of my house, and my neighbors house as well. Install it with caulking not liquid nails. Paints easy too. I can tell you it is one heck of a lot easier to install than mdf. I have used the sosimplecrown, and the creativecrown and they are made by the same company in USA. The guys at simple crown will work with you on cuts and corners. Dont know what all the fuss is about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simplecrown

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I'm torn because I need to replace the crown in my dining room. I need 6 inside corners, 2 outside corners and 52' total of crown. Home Depot has MDF house of fara crown, total for everything is $175, CreativeCrown comes in at $173.

MDF or Foam?

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Hello, again. About the post by cblanco above. You should not be torn. Please do not look the price comparison.
MDF is hard to cut and install. Nailing, compound cutting and angles to contend with. A little while after painting MDF you will see little'whiskers' pop up on the surface. Thats the fibers popping up from the water based paint. MDF and wood absorb moisture when its damp and expand and shrink when you heater is turned on. This is how you get joints that show. Their crown moldings do not absorb moisture! The labor savings is at least 50 percent. Its a no brainer! I am using Creative Crown moldings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Creative Crown

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I'm not using Creative Crown just because they posted a snarky comment in response to a customer's opinion. That's unprofessional, immature and shallow. I, too, own a business and I take the good with the bad. Know that NOT addressing your critics and applauding your supporters goes a long way in online review and commentary land. Customer Service means respecting current and potential customers even if they critique your product negatively.

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