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IveyRoseMarch 20, 2006

I hope someone who is already on Medicare can tell me a little about it, as I will be on it in two years. How expensive is it? Do you get all the coverage needed if you have a supplement? What kind of a supplement do I need? Where can I get this info? Right now I'm paying $375 per month for regular health insurance.


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Cost of Medicare is fixed by the govt; everyone pays the same. There are about 5 different types of supplements; you can get a good look at them at AARP. All in all, you'll p=likely end up paying less than you are now. As for type of supplement, read them and see what fits you best.

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Just went on Medicare once turning 65yrs & truly there are advantages. The premium is deducted from Soc Sec check and is under $90.00mo. So many supplements to choose from, depending on where you live. My Father had one, my Mother a different plan, & myself on a Kaiser plan I prefer here in the NW. Just joined a healthclub thru the ins which pays for all classes & use of the club at various locations. It's a win-win for ins & myself. This ins plan is $76 mo. I still need to pick up a dental plan & it looks like they are pretty reasonable.

Since you have time you can prepare accordingly. Good luck!

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