Retirement Community Desirability

tlh2007March 24, 2009

My name is Tanner, and I am a student at the University of Florida. Along with my group, I am conducting research on what retirees and future retirees desire in a retirement community. Please take our survey at the following link if you are a retiree or are beginning to think about retirement. Regardless of whether you match the criteria of this survey, please send this to people in your address book who you think can take this survey or who will be able to forward it to those who can. The more responses we get the more accurate our data will be.

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Thanks for your time,


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Here's an easily clickable link.

I don't know how enthused I am about the prospect of living in a community limited to a lot of old crocks ...

... I think that I prefer living in a community where there's a cross-section of ages ... including kids (except when the little buggers get too noisy, of course!).

ole joyful

Here is a link that might be useful: Retirement Community Desireability Survey

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joyfulguy, you made that much easier with the link, hope they get the info they need.

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My mother just went into Riderwood in MD. They have everything you could possibly want. All she had to do was sign over everything she owns.

The web site says something like: "You never have to go outdoors again". Sounds like a deluxe prison to me!

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Hello Scarlett2001 (don't tell me that was the year of your birth?!)

And if she should happen to die as early as next week ...

... how much of her asset is to be returned to her estate, by chance?

Or ... are they running a prison (no parole) for her money, as well?

ole joyful

P.S. If she doesn't need to go outside again ...

... what's she to do for exercise?

Use it - or lose it.

With regard to the body ... the mind ... the emotions ... the spirit ...

... the whole schmeer of one's life!

Those who don't ... have a shorter life expectancy ... I'm told (on fairly good authority). A shorter quality of life experience, at any rate.

o j

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Hi,Ol Joyful! Happy Easter!!

No, 2001 was when I discovered this wonderful website.

Riderwood has so many things an 87 year old woman can really use - tennis courts, swimming pools, a gym - are you reading betweeen the lines, here? As for the disposition of the estate, well, we will see. Since I have no idea of what she signed to get in there, I'm prepared for some type of clause that they keep whatever is left. The people who own the Riderwoods - they are located all over the USA, I don't know about Canada - are extremely wealthy. The website shows a photo of the Bush yacht on the owner's desk. Doesn't that say realms? My mother is so excited because she will get to keep her dog and get FREE COFFEE every day...

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