work related disability compensation question

lisa11310March 20, 2012

Hi all, first time on this forum but been a member (birds, ponds, etc. 8 yrs) My Husband is 54 years old and has been working for the same company doing the same job for 28 years.It is a very physical job and quite frankly his body has worn out and he can no longer do his job (back pain). He has been to therapy & the pain clinic but our insurance does not cover much and our medical bills are HUGE! The company does not have a "desk job" for him. He has used up his FMLA time (they charged against him while he was on short term disability)and is nearly out of vacation time for the year. I am sure they will fire him soon for attendance. What kind of compensation is available for someone who has been a loyal employee for so long but is no longer able to do this kind of strenuous work? Please help with any suggestions, Thanks!

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Does your state offer disabilty benefits? Many states do for about six months. After the six months is over, he can apply for Social Security Disabilty enefits, as long as he has a severe medical problem, cannot do any reasponable work, and does not have the education for desk work. I'm assuming he does not have much education?

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He is by no means uneducated, he used to build houses in his spare time, knows all the codes etc but no he would have no clue how to work in an office and don't think he could stand it anyway.He is brilliant and talented in so many fields but they are all physical and his job has taken all those options away. I didn't think about disability at the State level but then he would never consider Medicaid or food stamps, we have way to many "slackers" working the system here in Michigan.SSDI will not be enough to live on so I was hoping there was some other kind of compensation for someone that's been "used up" on the job.

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