disabled husbands benefits cancelled

MarciaBannerMarch 28, 2003

In Sept.1998 my husband suffered a massive stroke while driving home from work. He had been with the same company for 30 years. In Aug.2001 his company was sold to another Corp. In Nov.2003 this corp.(that had bought his Company)filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

On Fri. March l4, 2003 we received a letter saying his benefits would be cancelled as of March 17, 2003.

I don't know how we are going to pay for his meds. I can only work some (part-time which doesn't offer benefits) as his condition requires almost constant monitering. Cobra will cost almost $700.00 a month which is out of the question since all we have to live on is his disability and the little I make working part time. Does anyone know of any assistance we may be able to get. We are both 52.


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I believe you need to contact SSI, you said you get disability benefits, and inform them of your reduced income. They will be able to advise you how to apply for Medicaid. At least in my state that's the procedure.
You Department of Social Services may also be of help.
I wish you the best possible outcome to your situation - it's a tough one.

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