Are you quilting this weekend? 12/11-12/12

lindaoh_gwDecember 11, 2010

I haven't done any quilting yet. I put up the tree and decorated it, ran errands, and now I am washing some fabric. I want to make some boxers for DS.

We are waiting for a winter storm to hit us tonight. It has been warm all day and the snow is almost gone. We may get 1-3 inches of snow tonight and another 1-3 tomorrow. There will probably be some freezing rain when the temps drop before the snow starts.

What are you doing this weekend?

Linda OH

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Probably not anything, we have the grandkids this weekend and 2 birthdays to celebrate. (There should be a law against birthing a child within 2 months of Christmas!) But I did finish the border yesterday on the boxed squares quilt no. 1, now I have to decide whether to go ahead and start no. 2 or completely finish this one first. Still not done debating whether I'll make it with the batting in the middle or just put a flannel backing on it like I've done 2 quilts recently. Might have to do the batting since they are eventually going to an aunt and uncle in WV.

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I just finished washing the last of 27 tied fleece blankets the students at my old school made for Project Linus! It took 7 garbage bags to contain them all!

I am cutting fabric for 4 more tote bags I need to have done by Thursday ... will I make it? Who knows - we have a Christmas party at church tonight and one tomorrow afternoon. Our son drove down from west of Vail today - the interstate was closed yesterday but it took him an hour longer than usual. They had 14-16 inches of snow, blowing winds & avalanche warnings! We've just had the strong winds and cold.


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It looks like a lot of us are getting ready for some snow, including us!! We're right on the edge, so we'll see what happens. I just hope it isn't ice.

Sue, that is an impressive stack!!

I just finished my January birthday block and getting ready to mail it with my 2 December lotto blocks. Done, yeah!! Now, I'm getting ready to start 2 more tic-tac-toe quilts for a friend at work. I want to get some water bottle holders made, but I need to get them done before Friday and this is such a busy week, I don't know that I will make it. Unless, of course, it snows us in!

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Sue, you are the most productive person I know. You're busier "retired" than when working. Good job.

I'm doing FMQ on a flannel and minky lap robe for a gift going to MIL in nursing home. Slow but steady before I have to clear all my sewing area for guests by the 19th. I hope to move things along and clear up a few UFOs by then.

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Well, my sewing machine is packed and getting ready to head for it's spa vacation. The tree is up, the house is decorated, and I only have 2 of 3 bindings left to sew to the back of the wedding quilts.Is it pitiful that I'm already itching to start digging through fabric for the next project?? I'm impressed with all the sewing everyone is getting done!

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Sue, what an awesome thing to do for Project Linus. Please let your kids know I appreciate them doing that.

I finished the binding on the Carpenter Star for DH and am working on a cover for my Kindle. I had a pattern, but well, you know how that goes......"I Did It Myyyy Waaaaaay"


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I sneaked in a little machine quilting this morning with my morning cuppa. I get withdrawal if I don't. LOL. I doubt if I'll tackle it again tonight. This is the Saturday I watch my little g'son for the day. What a pleasure. He is ten months old and has been walking a month now, and very happy and curious. That keeps granny running. I'm in Ohio too, and the forecast looks gruesome for the weekend. We have food, we have heat.......I can nest. If it does come down I 'ain'ta going nowhere, nohow' for a few days. I got caught in a sudden and unexpected white out last weekend and had to abandon my little foreign car and get rescued by my DH in the 4WD and go fetch the car a day later. Not going 'there' again.

If it makes you all feel better, I have crops in the g'house for spring already and they're popping they little green heads up. We have poinsettia deliveries all next week. That ought to be good for a laugh as we slide around in the mess. Perhaps they'll revise the forecast. It happens.

Yes, I'll try to finish up the log cabin and then sew together the blocks on the design way before I start my wool quilt (I am itching to get it started, but promised myself only one UFO at a time now). I got overwhelmed with them this year.

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Wow such busy people here. I am working on my mom's qpplique canning jar lap quilt for Christmas.

I still need to do more work on the small jar blocks and add lace underneath the lids.

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Quiltingfox, I love the fabric you chose for the jars. Eggs, potatoes, peppers, pumpkins.....what fun!!!!


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I'm working on my string blocks for the Quiltville mystery. But mostly taking it easy trying to get over this horrible cold!


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I really love the jars.. thinking how neat they'd look on an apron!

Got caught by weather on Friday. They said flurries only. I ended up in Frederick, MD with I-70 & 2 other routes home closed for accidents. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to go what's usually a 20 minute drive. Fortunately, the roads were then clear the rest of the way home.

I don't mind bad weather since I'll just stay home, just erroneous weather forecasts!


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After shopping (not many gifts - groceries, actually) most of the day - the crowds were incredible!! - I quilted until about 1 am. Church at 7am - & it was raining on the way. Came out of church at 10:15 to 3" of snow on the ground! It seems to have tapered off a little, but the sky still looks ominous. Once I get the kitchen cleaned up from brunch I'll hit the sewing room again. I have one binding to do & one top to finish, quilt & bind. Both are gifts, so I need to buckle down. Neither are big tho - lap size for children.
I'm excited about my gift for my DM - who has quilted for years, but not labeled or taken pics of any of them. I've gotten pics of all the quilts/tabletoppers, etc mom has made for all her kids, grandkids, etc & put them in an album for her. I can't do anything about the 100+ (for real, I've kept track) that she has done for charity, but at least she'll have a record of some of her work over the years. I'm really hoping it encourages her to label & take pics of them all before they leave her sewing room!
If there's anyone out there who doesn't label or take photos - hop to it! It's easier to do sooner than later! LOL
Merry Christmas! everyone~

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YES! I am!

I finally finished the quilt for my nephew. Took pictures, then my camera died. Waiting for the battery to charge to post pictures.

I'm in the process of deciding the colors that I want for my niece's quilt - same pattern of Trip Around the World. I'm thinking primary colors with more red than any other color. I have to have it done before the 23rd - at least it needs to be together. I can, potentially, quilt it on the night of the 25th, since we're celebrating on the 26th since DH and I are driving 16 hours on the 24th to get to St. Louis for Christmas. Grrr. Not looking forward to that, since we both need new tires. :(

Happy quilting!

~ Kit

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I finished this just for fun

This one is for my Mom for Christmas

Now all I have left to finish for Christmas is a friends tied fleece blanket :D

Quiltingfox - your Moms is really neat! What a great idea :D


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