Help! What to do about this siding issue?!?

jtwindadJanuary 23, 2014

Hi Everyone,

So I am closing on a house and there is one issue with the siding in the back. The corner piece does not match up with the siding and there is a big gap where rain can get in. How do I fix this? - without redoing the entire siding of the house?

Some kind of cap?


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You should first ask the ducks that installed the siding if this was just overlooked during punch-out or if that is an example of their workmenship. Failing satisfaction with that,there is no trim available at the corner five & dime. If the corner is squared with siding a metal Z flashing can be cut and bent to cover it.

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until you get a permanent fix...duct tape is your friend.

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that vinyl piece needs to go under the piece
above it...any way to do that?

may have to custom make something
to make the transition.
maybe metal flashing & paint it.

is this the worst thing wrong with the
whole house?
seems pretty minor if it is.

best of luck.

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Rain has already been going in there. How long ago was the siding done? You might want to check for moisture damage unless this is a dry climate.

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Looks like it is not a 90 degree corner. If not, the vinyl on the left needs to be shortened and then the corner trim can flexed to whatever angle it needs to be. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the vinyl before "bending" it because most likely it will crack especially if it is cold. You may need to remover the lower vinyl siding pieces to do this. I had to do this on my house. It can be done.

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hmmm... You can ask professional siding installers about that so as not to do any more damage. I can see its quite extensive. For the meantime, you can try duct tape.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodlands Siding Company

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