Importance of nearby medical centers

Linda_in_CAMarch 5, 2002

I have an older friend who relocated after 10 years of retirement. She and her DH were on the Oregon coast with no medical centers nearby. After her DH died she moved to Medford where she has access to quality medical care. She keeps stressing to me the importance of retiring near a medical center which is why I am chosing Boise, ID as my retirement home.

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Besides medical care, which is important to check out what type etc, I feel transportation to stores, churches etc are important also. You cannot depend on friends all the time. Many communities have excellent Senior Citizens Centers with special busses, field trips, busses to grocery stores. I know Minot ND is that way. Boise is great also, but has some interesting weather. Lots of electic storms and snow in the winter. Nice craft shops and good stores. Don't know about public transportation.

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Good point, Marie. I'm alone so I have to take transportation & health care facilities into effect even though I've always been lucky to have good health. Who knows what's in the future?

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It's a very good thing to look into especially if one of you is in poor health. There are retirement books that rate places to live and medical centers are one of the things rated.

We are very lucky as they opened a 55 yrs and older doctor's office 2 min. from us. We like both doctors that are in it and that sometimes is rare.

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They actually have doctors who specialize in 55 & up??? I've been down here too long. . .

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Yes, Ginger.....sometimes they call them geriatric doctors but the dictionary says...Geriatrics is the science of diseases and care of the old.....and I DON'T consider people 55 years to be OLD. So I don't call the doctors that and they don't either. :~)

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I think nearby medical facilities/physicians are very important in our retirement decision. We live in an area with excellent and well known facilities and many of them specialize in the 55 and over age group.

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