planning a discover-America trip this summer

chery2March 18, 2005

DH and I plan to hit the road in June [if gas prices go down] and take a southern route from VA to OR. We belong to AARP and will be taking advantage of all discounts possible. We will also apply for AAA coverage; we hear the "trip-tics" are wonderful. We will be driving our own car, either the 2003 Montero Sport [[Mitsubishi] or the 2002 Saturn Vue.

Any advice about places to see and things to do will be welcomed. If you found any websites helpful, please let me know. TIA, chery-va

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ooh, so many choices. I only know the far west. Zion is my favorite National Park and I would see that if at all possible and since you would be in the neighborhood there is Bryce and the Grand Canyon.

The whole California and Oregon Coast are so beautiful, that you might want to come up 101, but then you would miss eastern Oregon and it certainly has some attractions. Any hints you can offer on what you like? I don't care for cities very much, cetainly not Vegas, but lots of people do. I like to visit state capitals, college campuses, and small town historical museums. I like birding and I love putting my feet in the surf. Mostly I love drinking in the stark beauty of rock cliffs.

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Glad to hear Oregon is one your destinations. The Columbia River Gorge is a must-see! I've lived here all my life & each time I find it breath-taking!!! About 80 miles of river & sites to see. I take it you're outdoor people, eh? You could follow the Lewis & Clark Trail.
Anyway, is one site & just putting in Columbia River Gorge will give you choices.

Sounds very exciting to me.


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Last summer DH, 4 college-age kids and I took a similar trip. We drove from home in Atlanta across the southern US then up the west coast into Vancouver. We took a 7-day Alaska cruise, then drove home across the northern US. I will try to dig our our travel journal and post again.

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You could go the norther route in June and come back a southern route in the fall. Weather might be better.
You might consider, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minn, ND, Mont Wyn-Utah-up to Wash then down the coast thru Ore, Calif, avoiding the big cities, then swing north, thru AZ, NM etc. Their is a lot of area to cover. Stop at the welcome centers, pick up some magazines, send for the free stuff from different states, get a USA map from Auto Club, plot out a general trip, don't be afraid to change it.
Trip niks are great but do limit you to what Auto Club thinks you should see. Take maps and Auto Club books with you and you can always visit the Auto Club offices thru out the states.
Post on the Kitchen table and those talented people will tell you their favorite places.
Motels will run you around 70-100.00 a day + food. Try to use bottle water, and take medicines with you== I have a small suitcase for medicine. Take quarters for you to wash. Don't try to cover too much and try to stop every 3-5 days for a catch up. There is so much to see. Talk easy to wash items, I allow about 14 days of underwere etc. Take a cell phone, and keep in touch with relatives. I call one of my three kids at least 3-4 times a week. You said you plan to leave in June, so start collecting information now and maybe a notebook with ideas, and pictures etc. They have things that will hold clippings etc. Take stamps, pens/pencils/scotch tape, otherwards a minatature office. You cannot believe the stuff I have learned to carry.
If you wish, email me direct and I will be glad to give you a list of what I take.
Good luck

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How about Glacier/Waterton National Parks?

How about a trip to Calgary, then west to Banff, Lake Louise and over to Vancouver (British Columbia, that is)?

Or, maybe north from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Winnipeg and across the Canadian Prairies? Your dollar goes farther (though gas is more expensive).

I'm considering a trip to British Columbia this summer/fall to visit some colleagues in ministry/overseas missionary work from earlier years - before they all die.

Expect to attend a reunion of former Korea missionaries in NC in June, with a trip to GA to visit niece.

Good wishe for a great summer - and a wonderful trip.

ole joyful

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DH and I just made this journey. We left from NY on March 16. We took route 40 to CA. We made stops at the Petrified Forest, the painted desert, monument valley, the continental divide in New Mexico, the Grand Canyon and Sequoia National Forest in Ca on the trip out there.

The petrified forest is a national park. Get a Golden Age pass. It costs $10. You can then go to any National Park and everyone in the car enters for free. The pass is good for a lifetime. It will save you tons of money.

We spent 3 weeks in CA, sightseeing and visiting with family. Then we took route 80/90 back to NY. Most of our stops on the return trip were in South Dakota. We went to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monument, we went through Sturgis and had breakfast in Deadwood.

We had no time table, so we were able to make adjustments for detours, such as a run along old Route 66.

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"Get your kicks

On route 66 ..."

o j

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