Needle falls out when stippling

faneldaDecember 6, 2010

You can tell by the problem that I am a Newbie to stippling, but I am giving it a go! I think the needle is on correctly and it feels tight, but after stippling awhile, it fall out. Aside from trying to tighten it more, any tips? Also the actual darning device is plastic and it falls off the screw area where it sits. This makes me wonder if it is on correctly, so here is the photo. Thank you!

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In your sewing box do you by any chance have another screw that goes into that white plastic part that may be a tad longer.

Never had a needle fall out before and i've been sewing a lot of years,maybe you just aren't getting it tight enoug.Try using a screw driver to tighten it.

What kind of machine is that???

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I will try using the screw driver instead of hand tightening. Thank you! I will check with my husband about a longer screw. Janome HEART TRUTH 2008.

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Fanelda make sure the flat side of the needle is facing to the back. And hand tightening is not enough lol!!!!

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