Why would electric outlet not work anymore?

diddlydooJanuary 21, 2006

I just moved into this house a couple months ago. I have my treadmill out in garage. I finally had time and was going to start my exercise routine back up and went to workout on treadmill. I plugged it into outlet in garage and it started back up and then it died. I plugged water sprinkler system into outlet and that didn't work either so I went inside to circuit breaker and tripped those. It's still not working and is dead. Is this an easy fix or do I need an electrician to come fix outlet. What could problem be. It worked prior to me trying to plug treadmill in. It was the only thing plugged into that outlet.


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It is highly likely that a GFCI is in the line between the panel and the dead receptacle outlet. A GFCI is likely to be at a another receptacle location or built into the breaker itself. If it is a receptacle, it probably is in the garage. Find the GFCI and push "reset". That treadmill may continue to trip the GFCI.

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thanks bus driver. You were exectly right.

I went to press reset in spare bath and outlet in garage started working again and again you were right. It tripped off again (twice).

Does this mean I can't use treadmill in this outlet then?

As far as I can see it's the only outlet in garage and I was hoping to use treadmill out in garage. This sucks. :-(

Does this mean most outlets in house won't support treadmill either?


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"Does this mean most outlets in house won't support treadmill either?"

It depends on the amps drawn by the treadmill and other demand already on the individual circuit.

FYI and future reference. These issues are normally discussed in the Electrical Wiring Forum...


Here is a link that might be useful: THS Gardenweb / Forum List

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Thanks. I'm new here so will go to electricla Wiring Forum. Sorry, didn't know better, but thanks.

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