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jerry10111January 8, 2014

i have a lounger that has broken the cable that pulls the food rest out,the cable is i'd say 1/16 inch in diamenter,i was thing on jb welding the two ends back together,and was wondering if anyone had this type of job,and it worked like new.......i've used jb weld before ,but never on a project that was used for pulling something...please help,,,thanks

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Will not be durable. Either replace the cable or get a short length of the same size and use wire rope clamps to splice it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clamps.

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What you can try is to get a piece of tubing (aluminum or copper) that has about the same inside diameter as the cable. Cut the tubing to about 3" long, fill with JB Weld, and insert the ends of the broken cable.

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I have one of those on my couch, and was able to get a new one from the furniture store. In fact, they gave me two (for when the new one breaks).

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