using canadian discount rx

pineconeMarch 15, 2003

I AM GOING TO POST this message here and on the Grandparents Forum.

We retired with a decent income and could have lived just fine but...........

Our drug needs have increased.

Drugs are going over the top.......

I am looking at using Canada as a way to purchase drugs?

If you have used Canada......please post your story...good and bad........


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I looked into Canada, but by the time you pay $15 postage, the deal diminishes. Check out Costco--they were cheaper by $30 than any of the suppliers in my neck of the woods, and no postage, since they're only 10 miles and a few minutes drive away from me.

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Hi pinecone,

There are busloads of people coming from neighbouring states, one of the main motivations being purchase of drugs at lower prices here (along with some tourist interests, I think).

Parcel postage is rather expensive - but $15.00 seems a bit high.

If you have some specific drugs in mind, I could check local prices for you, if you wish.

I think that there's something about needing a prescription from a Canadian doctor. I think that some of the pharmacies who send substantial quantities to the U.S. have links with Canadian doctors - who may contact the the U.S. patient, doctor who wrote the original, etc.

I've seen websites relating to Canadian prescriptions, but don't remember them (didn't file them). Sorry.

Good wishes to you and yours,

joyful guy/Ed

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