Retirement through the eye of a child.....

pattico_gwMarch 28, 2002

We received this as an email....I posted it at KT...It was suggested I post it here...I didn't even know this forum was here....

I am Patti, my husband and I are retired...well he is retired...I never

Glad to know you are here...I'll be back.



After spring break, a teacher asked her young pupils how they spent the holidays. One child wrote the following:

We always used to spend the holidays with Grandma and Grandpa. They used to live here in a big brick house but Grandpa got retarded and they moved to Florida. Now they live in a place with a lot of other retarded people.

They live in a tin box and have rocks painted green to look like grass. They ride around on big tricycles and wear nametags because they don't know who they are anymore. They go to a building called a wrecked center but they must have got it fixed because it is all right now. They play games and do exercises there but they don't do them very well. There is a swimming pool too but they all jump up and down in it with their hats on. I guess they don't know how to swim.

At their gate, there is a dollhouse with a little old man sitting in it. He watches all day so nobody can escape. Sometimes they sneak out. Then they go cruising in their golf carts.

My Grandma used to bake cookies and stuff but I guess she forgot how. Nobody there cooks; they just eat out. And they eat the same thing every night, "Early Birds." Some of the people can't get past the man in the dollhouse to go out. So the ones who do get out bring food back to the wrecked center and call it pot luck.

My Grandma says Grandpa's worked all his life to be retarded and says I should work hard so I can be retarded someday too. When I earn my retardment, I want to be the man in the dollhouse. Then I will let people out so they can visit their grandchildren.

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I loved it.

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This one may sport a bit of the small wavy fronds that mold produces on overdue food in the fridge ...

... but, you know what they say - "Oldies - are sometimes goodies!"!

ole joyfuelled ... a bit "retarded" at times, maybe?

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