2012 Resolutions/Goals

salijoDecember 1, 2011

I don't usually make resolutions because I just never seem to keep them; thus making me feel like a failure, yet again.

But this winter I would love to somehow get my house better organized so I can spend more time sewing and doing other hobbies. I've really procrastinated on doing things I love to do (not a good thing when you are in an exchange!) because I don't have alot of space to do them in, and it seems to entail more effort to get things out and clean it up than pleasure in doing it. And if I leave it out, which is usually the case, it makes such a mess in my general living area that I just can't see past it and I get nothing done....so that's my goal.

Anyone else have one?


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This past year I had resolved to make better use of my stash and stop buying as much fabric, trying to save. I think that went pretty well actually, I'm proud of myself :)

For next year, I want to finish moving all my quilty supplies down to my "new" sewing area and organize it properly.
Also, in the absence of the birthday block exchange (I'm one of the ones taking a year off), I really want to finish up a couple of the bday block quilts from the last couple years that I've been putting off ... and I also want to enter more of the monthly block lottos. I used to really enjoy those but I haven't had much time this year. So those would be my goals (I like the word "goals" better than "resolutions" - less guilt if it doesn't quite happen!!) for next year!

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I don't make yearly resolutions, but rather monthly ones. I seem to be able to keep them better. For January I plan to clean and organize the closets and cabinets. If I do 2 rooms a week I can get it done.


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I only got 6 UFO's completed this year, so I want to get more completed next year. The people on this forum keep posting pictures and links to neat patterns and encourage me to make more tops which causes me to have more UFO's. Guess I won't worry too much about it. *grin*


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I guess I just need to win the lottery and get you a longarm, huh?

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Sharon, just send them to me, I need the practice.


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Sally, Keep lottery winnings for your grands college funds, Beverly wants practice. She probably knew I stopped at the post office today and picked up some flat-rate envelopes. lol


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I can hear you! :)

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Get my life - which specifically includes my sewing area back into an organized chaos. It has fallen over the edge of plain chaos:) and I am spreading out the chaos.
I like Beverly's idea - but I think I am going to do 1 room per week.
Sewing wise -
I want to finish the projects I did not finish this year that I wanted to finish. Wanted to finish is the key phrase.
Get back to the BOM that Kate started in 2010 - mine was paper piecing & I have about 2/3 done with the blocks.
I would like to finish it.
Make a quilt with the last 2 years of BD blocks.
Finish a QAYG block sampler from classes when I first began this quilting journey.
Quilt a stack n whack from a class - Penguins, timely & appropriate for winter.
I also wanted to do some Quilts for Kids and give to our Guild for distribution early in the year.

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Did I hear my name?
> I want to get back to the BOM I started in 2010 too! That's high on my list of goals (I like cziga's word too).
> Finish the QAYG picnic quilt project, started in 2010 and languishing in a box.
> I have set a goal of making 2 Quilts of Valor in 2012. I planned to make 2 a year since 2008 and didn't get any done for them in 2011.
> Enter more monthly lottos! I really hope we go back to having one each month instead of every two months.
> I have a long list of planned quilts, but there are only a couple that are in the 'current' stack. However, the list is subject to change at any time!
> Attend one big quilt show - Houston? Paducah? Lancaster? Not sure where, but I want this to happen.
> Attend the Fall quilt retreat!
> Sort my stash and scraps by color and start doing Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders. Part B of this goal: start a Bonnie Hunter quilt (maybe).
> Tear out the carpet in my sewing room and replace it with a laminate floor; easier to keep clean!
> Finally get the bobbin winder on my machine repaired.

That's a pretty long list. Good thing it's Leap Year so I have an extra day to get it all done.

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1) Finish sashing and bordering the baby quilt I have the appliqued blocks finished for. Then have it quilted.
2) Make the three quilts I already have fabric pruchased for.
3) Finish the pumpkin pot holder from my paper-piecing class.
4) Finish the confetti landscape wallhanging from another class.
5) Make a Christmas table runner with fabric left over from my Christmas tree skirt.
6) Make a purse with fabric left over from another project.

Wow, that's a lot of unfinished projects for someone who has only been quilting for four months. And that's assuming I finish the table runner and pillow cases I'm hoping to have done for Christmas.

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My goals for 2011 are:
1) Make my niece an applique baby quilt for her little one that's on the way
2) Cut strips, sew the quilt top together and then hand quilt Grandma's queensize quilt
3) Finish the last 10 of 80 card tricks 9" blocks that I am sewing by hand (I started this quilt in 2009), sew the quilt top together, and hand quilt this queensize quilt for my parents (hoping to have it done by Christmas - we'll see - this may be hindered by all the RVing hubby is wanting to do this year and there won't be room on the RV to take the the quilt in all 3 layers to handquilt)
4) Learn how to make and then make a zig zag blue and green crocheted afgan for my son
5) Start 2 scrap quilts for me to keep (these will take several years to complete) - so far am thinking of doing the simplified version of Grandmother's Flower Garden and the LeMoyne Star - am still undecided and also am thinking of possibly doing a 12" block sampler quilt - these will all be queensize quilts
6) Start my brother's queensize quilt (this may end up being a 2013 quilt project)
7) To do more freestyle applique / embroidery quilt blocks, probably gardening themed, for me to keep and to hopefully use up some of my scraps

I have no idea if I can get 2 queensize quilts finished by hand in 1 year, but if I can at least get the first 2 goals completed I will feel good about the year. I quilted most of this year and did not make a single block for me to keep. So in 2012 I want to take some time to make me some quilt blocks to keep.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Best to you,

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Goals, goals, goals. Hmmm. Ssshhh, I'm thinking! Can't you see the smoke? Lol, actually, my goals are pretty easy, easy to list, that is!
1) Sew my first lonestar quilt. I've got my strips cut up and organized, now I need to start sewing!
2) Finish my postage stamp quilt.
3) And this is a big one! Keep my sanity.
4) Learn from every block I make for the Birthday Block club. (This one is easy, and a GREAT introduction to new blocks!)
5) Keep my Bump and Stella safe and healthy.
6) Do a bit of travelling.
7) (this one I can do within the next few weeks) Check out the new line of Phantom of the Opera fabric coming out this month, and design a quilt with it.
8) Spend more time OFFline...lol!

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Dan I want to make a lonestar and I have the pattern(s)! Do you have any tips and did you use a special ruler?? I have a pattern using it and one not. Really looking forward to seeing your pics.

When I first saw the post I said Camp Cheerio!!! and I told DH it is going to happen this year. My sister was visitng from CA at the same time of the retreat, but not this year. As much as I love her, YEAH lol!!!!!

I hear everyone about the getting organized. I have already started thinning out my closets.

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I ran a very work intensive business and also spent a lot of time with my mother before her death and saw her through intermittent periods of care-giving. My house and office became loading zones for papers and accumulated 'stuff'. The upstairs was a place where we sneaked off to sleep amid it all and I forced myself to watch the show "Hoarders" to scare me into getting started addressing it. I finally, after a year of working on it in sweeps have all my business paperwork sorted and in tubs to save as required by law. My office is getting renovated back into a bedroom. My sewing room needs the wallpaper stripped and painted. I'm going over the house, over and over, each time getting more of the things out we had to just stack until I had the time to go through it, piece by piece. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

I am feeling less guilt about the time I sneak off to quilt now and my fabric stash is sorted and I'm working on a full sized denim quilt to eat up the dozens of jeans set back for that project. The WIP on my wall is now over 2/3 done and I should finish it easily this winter.

My goals for 2012 for quilting? Three quilts for three special cousins. And thousands of family pictures to make digital. My Daddy was a photographer and has literally thousands of negatives and pics of the family I want to share and distribute before I die.

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Rosa, I've looked almost everywhere for directions on making a lone star quilt, and the best ones I found are in The Quilting Bible: The Complete Photo Guide to Machine Quilting (3rd Edition). It has enough pictures in it to make you feel like you've got your own teacher right there with you, and the directions are simple and easy to follow. I found it at my local joann's, and it has everything from quilting basics to a multitude of projects in it. Lol, I'm sounding like a commercial, aren't I? I don't have any special tips just yet, but I'll let you know if I come up with any. And no, no special rulers or anything involved, just me, my various rulers, rotary cutter, and cutting board...lol!

And I'd like to add a #9 to my list of things to do in 2012.
9) get started (and maybe finish) a quilt comprised of various house blocks. I'd like to include trees, some animals, and maybe some vehicles in it as well, really want to quilt myself a "village". Anyone have any tips?

  1. (can't add just one more thing...sigh) Learn how to make a quilted landscape wall-hanging. Once I learn this on a small scale, I'd like to make a quilt, but first, baby steps, gotta take baby steps on this one...lol!


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Dan, A few years ago we had a 'class' here for making a landscape. It was great! I love mine.....wish it was finished. *grin*


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Oh yeah, I want to make a landscape quilt too! That might be a fun challenge for 2012.

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My goal is just to get back into my sewing room. I've been in a funk lately and believe it or not, I haven't even unpacked my supplies after returning from retreat in October. That's really bad. Once I get things organized again, I am confident I will find plenty to do and get things finished.

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Well, I can cross #7 off of my list. I found that Phantom of the Opera fabric here online, and was totally disappointed. They could've done so much more, but I'll be using my fabric allowance on something else. ***sigh***

Onward and upward, right?


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Thank you Dan, I bought that book just for THAT pattern lol!!! I saw an abosultely gorgeous quilt pic posted and she said it was from that book.

I also have one from E. Burns. But first I want to make the easier 'No Diamonds in the Sky' quilt with squares and HSTs.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lone Star pink Green

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Lol, great minds think alike! I bought the book for that pattern, but after getting it home and perusing it a few times, there's more in it that I want to do. ***sigh*** If only I had the time to do all the sewing I want!

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My goals for 2012 are:
Make some art quilts using different techniques that I have learned.
Quilt all these baby quilt tops that are piling up. I can't afford to send them all out, so I will have to quilt them myself.
Make a quilt for my mother as soon as she gives me her color preferences.
Make a quilt for my nephew.
I also would like to make a lonestar quilt for myself.
Last but not least, I want to make it to camp Cheerio this year!


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