Retirement - military wife survivor?

bejay9_10March 20, 2008

I'm on SS - but my 20 year marriage to a deceased military man should bring in some sort of benefit - according to other wives in my position. I'm the surviving wife #1 with 2 others - who didn't get this far (I'm 86).

Whenever I've tried to find out any info about my possible status, I bump into a dead-end.

One thing - our marriage occurred prior to congress inacting this legislation - for survivor wife benefits.

Does anyone have any information as to where I can get some pertinent advice?


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Where are you applying and at what place do you reach the dead end (and what in fact constitutes the 'dead end' in terms of answers)?

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Translation -

Would like information concerning pension benefits (if any) for military ex-spouses - with marriage of 10 years duration or more.

The military had their own pension plan - which was not tied to social security.

I'm looking for a website or address to contact for more information regarding possible benefits to ex-wives.
Any Internet addresses?

As of now, I'm not applying anywhere.

The term "dead end" is in reference to not finding viable information to my queries.


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Your first port of call is the VA, and I mean call--via telephone.

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It is my understanding that your husband would have had to pay into the SBP annuity program with you as the beneficiary, or there is no benefit to you. The link below explains it pretty well.

Here is a link that might be useful: SBP Information

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oldmoose66 -

Thank you for the information. Our computers have been in the new server stages, but we finally made it (whee).

I will definitely check it out. My ex left a small fortune to the Marine Corps Education Foundation - so at least it - hopefully - is doing some good for some worthy military youngster. Heaven only knows our own could have used a little help then.

Appreciate the feed-back.


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My sister is almost 80 and she was married to a military man for 30 years. She doesn't get any pension at all. He was an officer, but not a high ranking one.

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It's my understanding that congress finally got around to passing the law about it. But for those of us early wives, there were no benefits. But I'm not sure if they re-worked that either.

Some later wives were more fortunate - especially those who were married at least 10 years.


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Bejay - I think that the 10 year marriage thing is when a divorce takes place following 10 years of marriage and the retiree will be or is collecting retirement pay. Once the retiree dies, the retirement pay ends. Period. The SBP annuity mentioned above, is completely separate from the retirement pension.

You should contact a family law attorney who is familiar with military divorces, etc.

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Bejay--I hope you are still checking your post. I'm not sure if you are eligible or not, but it is well worth checking into.

Here is a telephone number to call for help. 1-800-827-1000.

I do know that if you're eligible you will need a copy for his DD-214 (separation papers) and also a copy of his death certificate and probably a copy of your divorce decree. Maybe more stuff--you're dealing with the government, you know--haha! Copies of these are easily obtained--well, you have some work to do but it may be well worth it.

If you want to check it out on the Web further, Google "VA survivor benefits". There are several good government sites with info.

Please check into it. If you're eligible, it may be a nice monthly sum for you.

Good luck--Patti

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