ginger_st_thomasMarch 2, 2002

What benefits do you find AARP offers, if any?

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Since both of us are over 50 now, I think our annual premium is around $12.00 a year. We travel quite a bit and we can save more than that with one night stay at most any hotel. There's great discounts offered on travel, health, life and car insurance. Some examples on insurance: Age 54, I have a $50,000 life insurance policy with my son as beneficiary, cost $28/mo. I maintain/pay Part B health coverage including prescription card for my MIL, age 76. Last year that coverage saved her about $8,000 in out-of- pocket expense. (This amount is after I deducted what I pay for her monthly premium.)

Check out their website, Ginger. They offer a lot more than what I have mentioned. They're a good organization.

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Will do. Thanks again!

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Ihave aarp.What do they mean when they say you must pay the first $100.00 deductable?..I know what the $800.00 copay is .But I have been going to the doc.fot two months and have not paid anything.Help. Goldy

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Medicare requires the patient to pay a $100.00 deductible each year. The Doctors don't know if you have paid this or not, so they go ahead and file the Medicare and Insurance for you. Then when they receive notice that you still owe the deductable, you will be billed. It will take about 60-to 90 days for all of this billing cycle to be finished. You'll be getting a bill soon.

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Thanks for the reply.So once I pay than what? The lady at the drug store said my meds.would be cheaper once I paid the deductible.Is she right? Goldy

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Goldy, it depends on your policy. If you have prescription coverage, then your meds should be cheaper if that type of medication is covered.

Once you have paid your deductible for the year, then, depending on the coverage outlined in your particular policy, your insurance should start paying whatever it says it will pay.

I know I am being vague, but there are sooooo many different policies out there with sooooo many different types of coverage, that it is hard to give you a straight answer.

Basically, IF YOU HAVE MEDICARE, AARP will pay AFTER Medicare pays. If your doctor accepts assignment, AARP will pay directly to the doctor. You may or may not have anything to pay for on your own.....(here again, depending on your coverage)

Don't pay anything to your doctor until you have been notified that the payment has been denied because of the deductable wasn't met, or that particular service was not covered.

For example. The doctor bills Medicare for a $50 visit. Medicare approves payment for $40.00. Medicare then pays 80% of the $40.00, (NOT 80% of the $50.00) which would be $32.00. If your insurance coverage is the balance AFTER Medicare, insurance will pay 20% of $40.00, or 8.00. The payment is made to the doctor. Now, if your doctor has agreed to accept assignment, he will write off the $10.00 balance of the $50.00 charge.

If you have not met your deductable for the year, the $32.00 payment that Medicare would have sent to the doctor is applied to your deductable amount. so you would have to pay a total of $68.00 more before Medicare and your insurance will start paying.

Doctors are required to inform you when they are about to do a procedure that is NOT covered under Medicare. If they do it without informing you, and Medicare refuses to pay, you can object and refuse to pay. when in doubt...ASK!


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Thanks so much Aileen and the family.This I understand. Sometimes it takes both written and real words to get it across.Again I thankyou.Goldy

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Just like you said got the bill today from the doc. Goldy

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