gaf-elk camelot roof shingle

plumeriavineJanuary 18, 2010

Any opinions on this asphalt shingle?

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I cant speak for the camelots, but I've installed many elk dimensionals and am impressed with the fact that they stay in place during our high winds here in the desert. They are heavier and have a better adhesive strip that keeps them down compared to standard three tab shingles.

Those camelots resemble the certainteed grand manors that are on our build. They resemble slate, are 425 lbs/square, and have copper fragments to help prevent mold/fungus build up. The grand manors aren't involved in the organic certainteed lawsuit issues. The grands are a 5-ply laminated shingle.

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I had an off-the-cuff bid for a very small gaf-elk camelot project - - just for a peaked roof on a garage. The job would require plywood to be put down. The off-the-cuff quote was in the ball-park of $10K. That seems outrageously high to me. Any opinions? He said that the 2 car garage roof would require 20 squares of roofing material. The roof has a good pitch to it, but is that anywhere near being correct? I looked it up - 20 squares of roofing means 2000 square feet of roof. Man! I don't think my garage roof could possibly have 2000 square feet of coverage. What do you think?

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Give us the size of the garage, the roof pitch, and the size of the overhangs and we can tell you.

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I had another roofer come today. He was very precise. He measured the garage plus the attached hobby room roof as a total of 1200 square feet. That is far more logical. The fellow who was suggesting that the garage was a 20 squares of roofing job was completely fruit loops. I think I can easily scratch him off the possible roofing contenders list.

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Go to the GAF website and use the contracor locator - look for a Master Elite Contractor

Here is a link that might be useful: GAF

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