Do you stay 'healthier' now that you're retired?

craftyrnMarch 26, 2002

I don't know if it's aging or what but I find that now I'm retired & out of constant contact with people I'm prone to "picking up" every little "bug" that comes along.

Strange too "cause I'm a retired RN-worked in a hospital setting & was CONSTANTLY exposed to all sorts of "bugs" but seldom was sick. Now anytime a grandchild sneezes etc or one of the neighbor kids has an off "tummy" I know I'll be next.

Are you finding the same thing?


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I think you have a good point here. I have had more colds in the three years that I have been retired than I did in the 26 years that I was a school teacher. It seems that when you are around the germs all the time you build up an immunity to the virus.

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I think when you were working you had no time to think of yourself.Now that you have a little more time things seem to pop up.They were there but now you are older and they are comeing to a head. At night thank God for a beautiful day.If you wake up in the morning thank Him for a new day.You can only live one day at a time.You must also thank Him for givening you good health to reach retirement alot of people have not .Pain or not there is a lot of good things instore to come Goldy

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Working and being around all sorts of people from all sections of your community or city, kept your immune system on it's toes. It's a marvelous system. You were coming into a constant stream of germs everyday. Once you retire and see only a few people, it gets a little lazy so that when you do bump into something from outside your usual environment, it hits you hard.

Of course, we are getting older and our immune systems are not as good as they once were. That makes a difference too.

When I first started babysitting for children that live on the other side of town, I usually got a sore throat and/or a cold. I NEVER get one otherwise. I think it must be that they were bringing home germs that they are used to but were new to me. Now, several months later, I seem to have gotten used to them too.

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Diane, this is exactly what I am afraid will happen to me. I am a teacher approaching retirement very soon. I am NEVER sick, and also am exposed to all sorts of things all day long. I think I have had the flu twice in my entire life and I can't remember the last time that I had a cold. I have always thought that I have just had an immunity to it all being around it so much. I wonder if I will "lose" my immunity once I am away from it after retirement.
Do you think that this is what's going on with you?

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Nooooooo. I got a lot more exercise when I worked. After I retired, I slowed down and got fat. When I cut down on the exercise, I did NOT cut down on the eating -- big mistake.

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For some strange reason, the older I get, the less illness (colds, sore throats) I have. Even with babysitting grandchildren..thru flu, coughed on, spit up know what I mean..I'm thinking, boy, am I going to be sick! But, it doesn't happen, I'm glad to say. Dunno why! I take alot of vitamins..especially antioxidents..and I really attribute it to that!

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