Craftsman's Garage Door Opener

life101January 12, 2009

I have moved in a house with Craftsman's Garage Door opener. A couple of nights ago, I heard the garage door open and by the time I got to the garage, I don't know if some intruder managed to open it or it opened by itself? Is there a possibility that it opens by itself? don't have a remote for it on my keys, so it was not me.

Also, as a result, I am thinking I need to change the code, and I don't have the manual. Is there anyway, I could get the manual for it?

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The most common cause of this is a bad wall button or a short in the wires going to the wall button. You can check this by removing the wire at terminal 1 on the motor unit. This will eliminate both the wiring and the button. You can't change the code unless you buy new remotes and quit using any you have.

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