Sharon, Help please

maritime_lindaDecember 23, 2012

Sharon, I decided to try a neck warmer last night...cut out fleece strip, stitched the long tube, and turned it...but don't know what you mean by "open short ends". I know I'm going to feel dopey when you tell me, but I'm askin' anyway! ;-)


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After turning and twisting, because of starting to sew 3 inches from the end and stopping three inches from the other end, you should have 'short' ends of about 12 inches, the width of the fleece. Guess I called those 'short ends' ..... sew the ends with right sides together forming a circle. Then there should be a short slit that needs to be closed. Hope this helps.


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Oh...I think I'm brain dead!! So, you would be sewing through the 4 thicknesses of fleece across the ends?? Is that right?

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Only two layers. Make sure you didn't sew the entire length of long seam when you first started but left 3 inches on each end. That will make it possible to sew the two ends together, right sides facing each other forming a twisted loop. Wish I could find a tutorial....


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Well HALLELUJAH! Let there be light...and there was light!! I actually thought of that but thought it was going to be too awkward, but not at all....Thanks a bunch for sticking with me Sharon...I'm sure it's not as if you have nothing else to do on the day before Christmas Eve. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your family in sunny Florida from Linda on Canada's beautiful but currently snowless east coast.

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Glad the light came on, Linda. I think the first one is the hardest and that isn't really hard. You'll be whipping them out now. The hunters want them in orange. lol I've gotten a lot of 'sure glad to have this neck warmer' from people I've given them to up north. Been a bit 'blustery' I guess.

I'm not busy as we opened gifts with DD and her family this morning. I came home and took a 4 hour nap!

Here's a pic of my sister wearing her neckwarmer over a hoodie

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