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micklessorJanuary 6, 2011

Our doorbell is not working (ringing). It was installed about 4 years ago. The button has a light on it which is working - so I'm assuming that the problem is not at the button. I don't know if the electrician who installed it hooked it up to a transformer or not. How can I tell? The wire that comes out of the wall hooks directly to the doorbell unit. Thanks for any insight.

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Virtually every doorbell that runs off house power (as opposed to batteries or wireless doorbells) has a step down transformer.

Two immediate advantages occur by using 24 volts AC.

Safety if anyone should come in contact with the wires or a short develops that energizes the button, and relief from a LOT of NEC rules for 120 V wiring.

Doorbells are almost always low voltage power limited control circuits (like your thermostat) so you can use smaller wire and there are very few rules about how the wire must be run.

Connections can be made without a junction box, no real protection against damage is required, etc. on the low voltage side of the transformer.

The circuits are low power enough that they will not cause a fire, though a short circuit can damage the transformer.

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Hi, Try going to the bell it self remove the cover and clean the moving parts.
Transformers are hard to find some times in closets or attic, heater rooms, but transformers should be at the bottom of your list they hardly ever go bad. Also if the light on the bell works the transformer is OK.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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The light is on. That indictes you have power. I would open the button and try shorting the wires to see if it rings. It is not unusual for the button to corrode inside and stop working.

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In rainy season or due to humidity your doorbell button might get broken. Replacing a broken doorbell button is similar to replacing a light switch.

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