Bi-fold door width calculation

kevin1900September 15, 2010

I would like some help in determining the width of doors to be custom ordered.

Background: I am restoring and renovating a farmhouse from 1904. In the upstairs bedroom, one end is partitioned off to make a closet. This was done in the 1950's, I believe. The opening is 60 inches. It is a simple, square drywall arch without jambs. The current closure is via bypass sliding doors.

I wish to finish the archway with jambs and casing, and order bifold doors. The door style is 5-panel solid doors; the equivalent bifold would be 3-panel due to the narrowness.

After I install the jambs the opening will be approximiately 3/4 inch narrower. At that point when I have a measurement for the opening width, what is the rule to determine the width of the four individual doors? I'm looking for guidance such as "take the width, subtract X for the end clearance, Y for the center clearance and divide by four", or something similar.

Thanks !

PS We are already aware that bifold doors are not period correct. Thanks anyway.

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If the doors will be custom sized, trim the opening, measure the exact clear width of the opening and give it to the door fabricator/supplier.

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You need to size the doors based on the hardware you end up buying.

Chose they type of hardward and click on "click here for details" to see how to size the doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Johnson Bifold Hardware

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The Johnson link does the trick. Thanks !!

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