old mexico

Ilene29February 21, 2003

Has any one been too old Mexico? This spring when the weather is better we went to go to old mexico. Was just wondering what it was like and what you can do there. We will be going to Ark. too i have two sister's and a brother that lives there.

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You didn't say if you were driving or going with a group on tour or if you are just going to the border cities. Everything I have read and heard says it is not safe to drive through Mexico. I have a Mexican friend and she said you had better be able to pass as Mexican if you go.

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What do you mean "Old Mexico", all of Mexico is old! I spent my youth in Baja California with the Dad & Uncles, fishing, hunting and camping in general. When I married, my husband and I had a fishing shack in Baja, then when we retired DH took a job in Puebla Mexico as a Fire Consultant for several large firms. We spent nine years in Puebla, visiting all the surrounding states, learning language, customs, traditions and life style. It was a wonderful experience. When DH died, I moved back to Baja California & spent another 10 years working and surviving my loss. I was surprised when I got back to the states many years later to find that I had more of a cultural shock in the U.S. than ever in Mexico. If your traveling there expecting to get ripped off, you will, if you go expecting to have a good time, you will. You don't have to try to pass yourself as a Mexicano, but remember that "our simplicity should not be mistaken for stupidity".

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The only thing that I can tell you is that there are many many communities in Mexico that cater to Americans that want to live cheaper in Mexico. Not to mention that there are a ga-zillion American tourists that go to Mexico every year. I think that "not safe" statment is not really true. Mexico is like any other place...you stay out of areas that are not safe....If you want to see the real Mexico, it won't be in the border towns...Although I have been to and had so many fun times in the border towns....

My parents were real redneck southerners and lived in Mexico part of every year. Not only were they made to feel welcome by the Mexican people, the made some very long lasting friendships. There is no way that my parents ever learned one work of Spanish and yet the got along just fine.

The Mexican people are just like any other nationality...Good, bad, etc but my personal experience is that they are a very friendly, kind, loving and generous people.

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