painting my barn

eagledoveSeptember 4, 2011

ok i have a barn the siding is 1 X 12s the siding hase a 1/4 gap and there is a metal T strip that runs next to it that covers the gap. some of the strips are missing. where do you find the strips? the lumer yard has T strape wind bracing that would work if it dident have all the holes in it. and thay look at me like im the one that dont have a clue what im talking about.

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DS's barn has Z-bar channels but I'm not sure if that's what you're trying to replace.
A photo would help, but the link below may list what you're looking for.

I would call some of your local pole barn builders and ask them for the name of a sheet metal/siding supplier. If the supplier sells only wholesale, the builder should be able to order what you need.
Another option is to take a sample of your strip to a metal fabricator and have it made, but you should be able to find the strip and the color you want in stock.

Here is a link that might be useful: z bars, etc.

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My barn has strips of wood that cover the gap. Easy to replace and paint the same as the barn. Or a contrasting color.

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