Addicted to anything?

betty_the_villagesFebruary 20, 2002

What do you do to keep busy? Is anyone that is retired addicted to anything? I am addicted to the computer :-)

Share with us what you like to do most of the time.

Anyone bored? If you are addicted to the computer how much time do you spend on it?

Let's keep this Retirement Topic going!!

Betty in Florida

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I spend far too much time on the computer, and I will not time myself. That would be too convicting! I stop to check a couple things, and next thing I know, it's time for another meal. I spend most of my puter time at The Kitchen Table Forum. Three years ago, if anyone asked me if I thought I would like a computer, I would have said NO.

I can also get carried away with stitching at my quilt frame. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, (Why not do it by machine? they say.) I just love to sit there and stitch, it's relaxing for me, and I can loose track of the time there too. I have a couple that need to be finished.

Other than that, there is always those peanut M & M's! LOL

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Betty, I too love the computer, but since we are fulltiming it in our rv, I don't get to play as much as I would like. My other passion is needle arts. I love to cross stitch, crochet, knit, etc. Luckily these things pack well in a relatively small space.

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I putter with "crafts"-have a small business with 2 other gals-all retired--we do some "spot" shows & also have a small booth at a permanent location April-Nov.
Mar through Oct alot of my time is devoted to my Flower gardens-I grow alot of heirlooms-hand gather & save & trade & sell the seed.
Once a week I babysit one of the grandchildren--twice I week I go to an aqua therapy session for my rheumatoid Arthritis--& daily spend to much time on this machine !!


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I already spend way too much time on the internet. I can't imagine how many hours will be spent once I retire. I hope I'll be living in an area with a good library so I can catch up on my reading (for free.)

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I too, spend too much time on the computer. All my crafts haven't been touched since the computer came into my home 4 1/2 years ago.

I love to read and do that a lot too.

We moved to a new area 5 years ago and the computer saved me as I didn't know anyone. I have since met, really met, two friends from a forum and one is coming with her family to visit over Easter.

I am so thankful for my computer!!!

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Okay....I confess, I am also computer addicted. I personally justify thinking that it is keeping my mind sharp. There is always a problem to figure out...and there is always something to learn on this darned thing. I put together a webpage which was interesting to put together. I will post the link to you can take a look.

When warm weather gets here, I will be spending some time inthe garden. I love raising veggies.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Webpage

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Tell me how you learned how to put together a Web Page? And where did you put it?
Besides Chocolate I am really addicted to the computer. I just can't learn enough.
I'd like to make a Web page but I don't think I could learn how.
Betty in Florida

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At the risk of repeating I too love my computer am on it hours.Good thing I had the foresite to get unlimited time.I love the internet and am learning Excel.I have a pet shihtzu who is a lot of company and I walk alot.I sing in my church choirs and go to bible study.My time is quite full.Summer time I do some travelling.Been all over the world.Still a few places .But with the world like it is today I think I will stay close to home let the puter do it .Goldy

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Well like so many of you I also spend way to much time on my computer but love it. I spent three months without it this winter but never again. I also do a lot og gardening and loce the seed swaps on garden web. Buzzard where do you go when you travel? We have travel ttrailor and use it mostly in the winter and once in awhile when we visit the kids. It is nice to have the comforts of home when you are visiting.Betty nice to see you on this site

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Hey Everyone. I have 4 1/2 days of work and then I will be retired. We have so many things planned. I have a feeling though, that there will be a few addictive habits that I will be spending a lot of time with. The computer, the grandbabies, painting (mostly oils), and my flowers. My husband and I have a good friend who put together a web page for my precious 19 year old daughter who was killed four years ago. Neither on of us are as talented in that field as my friend is, so I would like to learn more about making websites and put together one for my daughter and also for my paintings to market them on the net. I imagine that these will be a few of my addictions. If anyone would like to "meet" Christin, her site is:

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Gardening, gardening, and more gardening. I retired on Dec. 1, 2001.
We built a new house about 11 years ago and had to start from scratch. We only had flower beds in the front yard and I only saw them when I went to work or came home from work or when I weeded them as our living area is in the rear of the house. Last year we put in a lot of new beds in the rear and I am downsizing the front beds to more easy care evergreens and going hog wild on perennials in the back beds. We are currently building a 6 ft by 54 ft new bed in the back. I belong to the local garden club whose members host tours of their gardens as well as organizing tours of nurseries and other clubs gardens. I do crafts in the winter and I am thankful for the computer for all the info I can get on my hobbies. If I get on the puter before the grandkids (who live next door) or my DH I too spend far to long on it but today it is raining so its MY TURN. lol

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