Laurel Burch - Celestial Dreams

K8OrlandoDecember 3, 2010

Has anyone else ordered the Laurel Burch Celestial Dreams panel? If you have, what are you thinking of doing with it? I'm not crazy about the way they used it in the quilt kit, but I love the panel images.

It will probably be months before I get to this project but I couldn't resist buying it!


This is the panel:

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I love her stuff! I heard that she had died-is that true? What do they have you do in the quilt kit?

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Yes,she passed on sept 13,2007,here's a link.
Sorry i don't know how to do the blue link.

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That is a cool panel! I can see that with pointy paper pieced star blocks and a few black/white checkerboard sashings here and there, yellow/black sashing used elsewhere, some appliqued 5-point stars, an appliqued man in the moon here and there, a snail's trail block or two, lots of block ideas in those images!

I would cut the blocks apart leaving a quarter inch seam allowance and put them with other blocks and sashings.


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Here is the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laurel Burch

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That is a neet panel with lots of options. My first thought would be a stylized attic window set. Would have to play with the colors and design. I see the moons coming thru a window of some sort. Jayne

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Here's a picture of the quilt from their kit. I like the star points around the panel pieces but don't like the overall quilt. Too busy for me, I think. And the images are lost with all those other prints mixed in.

I like Jayne's attic window idea too.

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How about using the stars in an irregular jigsaw layout with lots of dark sky between them? Just like the night sky?

You could make a few small stars to intersperse and "irregularize" the placement of the main blocks.

And then uses motifs from the sun blocks in a border or corners?


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I agree that theirs is too busy. The wonderful moons are lost in all the confusion and color. I am sure you will will work it out, your very cleaver. Jayne

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I actually really like the design of that quilt...I think it's the confusion created by all of those busy fabrics rather than the points that takes away from the quilt. It would be really nice if it were made with all reads-as-solid fabrics except for the panels in the star centers.

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