Hey, whatcha doin', everyone ...

joyfulguyFebruary 1, 2005

don't tell me that your brain has gone to seed.

Let's hear some of your ideas on here.

What do you want to talk about?

Good wishes for good health of mind, body and emotions through the coming months - and some great friends with whom to share friendship.

joyful guy

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Well, I celebrated my birthday yesterday - the eightyfirst -thankful I am healthy - not wealthy - and wise? that is a matter of opinion ;)
Spring is coming and I will be playing in the dirt as soon as it dries up a little. Chickens are laying eggs again...
Life is good.

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Happy Birthday!!!!!

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I've been mostly helping my DS get moved into his new house. He was with me over a year after a divorce and VA operations.His household goods just arrived that have been in storage out West for over a year and what a mess it is. The original packing was terrible (packed via a military move). Heavy tackle boxes were put onto fragile glass items etc. He has to go thru each box and photo the damage etc in order to present a claim. out of 270 boxes and items we still have 200 to account for .At least I'm around to calm him down.....

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What a mess your son is going through! I have been in the moving business a long time ago, and I know that militry moves sometimes are not carried out in the most careful manner; it has to do with the low bids that the Govt. accepts, and you get what you pay for - it's sad!

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The driver called my son direct and said he could deliver the stuff the next day and didn't have to go thru the Military base. Finally he did go via the base and when he got here he told my DS to put away the Inventory list and he didn't have to check off the boxes and items. (that will take all day) No Way, My son has been thru too many moves to fall for that one. And many more bad things to tell but we are compiling a letter to attach to the "How was your move" sheet we got from the moving company two days ago.

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Happy birthday from here, as well.

I just had one last Sunday - but I just passed the 75 mile post - enjoyed being that age for 366 days, though. Thankful that I don't think that I've had to take a pill for 30 years at least.

We often don't think to be thankful for our health while we have it.

Minnie TX,

Sorry that your son's had so much turmoil lately.

And to have your stuff all jumbled up and smashed is a real pain in the butt.

I hope that he can get the issues straightened out in the end, without too much hassle.

Good wishes to you both.

joyful guy

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I try to keep in as good a shape as possible...I walk each and every day (unless some emergency comes up)...Yesterday, my husband got our smaller tractor stuck in the mud and I had to take the bigger one out and give him a pull. I had a fall earlier, but thought I had gotten over it. I found that I couldn't pull myself onto the step of the tractor with that leg...and that is the leg that is most convenient to use in such and endever...darn, sometimes getting old is depressing. I managed to get into the tractor, but it wasn't a pretty sight.

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Don't suppose you got any pictures to share of your mounting the tractor?

Those steps are pretty high at the best of times, aren't they? What with the tractors getting bigger - the steps are getting higher, too.

Life has its problems!

ole joyful

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Same ole, same ole, same ole, day in and day out.

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Hi again Jonesy,

(Time to look for some new interest/activities/friends to invigorate the routine/relieve the boredom???)

Have a great day.

ole joyful

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One of the boxes of old photo fell from the shelf the other day so I decided to go ahead and paste them in scrapbooks. Not the fancy one s the gals are doing these days. (I wish I had started those a long time ago) but just using a glue stick to paste onto colorful scrapbook paper cut to fit those top loading plastic page protectors.
First I sorted by sons then by animals then by me (high school dance bids and club activities) and other family members. I didn't think I'd be able to do it with so many memories flying around but got down to business and am almost finished.
Not too many family members left to pass them on to but at least I got them out of boxes.
I've always taken photos of my pets and my decorated rooms and different places I've rented.
I didn't dwell too much on the past but just got busy and did it.

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