Lake Seminole in Georgia

gram3167February 24, 2002

Our count down will start in April. 1 year to go. We have visited this area and liked it. Anyone out there living

in this area during the winter for retirement? Thanks for any input.

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I'm fairly familiar with the area since my hometown is about an hour away. We used to fish Lake Seminole quite a bit too. It's awfully secluded feeling in the winter time and fairly deserted. I would be concerned about convenience in finding needed items and medical care. Have you spent much time in the area? Do you have family or friends there?

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What part of GA is that in? I have visited (only on vacation) in the North East corner of GA. My sis has a cabin in the foothills of the Blue Ridge.

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Hayjud, it's in the lower southwestern corner of Georgia, bordering Florida. It's off 84E between Donaldsonville and Bainbridge. Lake Seminole is very large, flows from the Chattahoochee River. It is absolutely LOADED with huge alligators. You have to take great care in traveling a majority of the waters in Lake Seminole (easy to get lost and a map is recommended), there's a lot of stick ups, stumps and trees barely below the water. The Chattahoochee River has a lot of barge traffic and it's not unusual for the water table in the adjacents lakes to be very low during the summer. There's area pockets that has a high population of weekender cabins, mobile homes and some full time residents.

I don't recall if you're interested in true crime stories but in the late 1970's there was a horrible crime near the area. There was a couple of books written and a tv movie. The murderers were finally caught in Va. or W. Va. as I recall. They tortured and murdered 5 family members of the Alday family.

Well....I guess all that's a little bit more information than you asked for...LOL

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I would be scared to death to live anywhere that alligaters live!

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I always visualized alligators as slow moving creatures, dragging themselves up on the river bank. Shortly before I moved here, I saw a show on Boston TV that showed an alligator up on all fours running at 35 mph after someone. It was in Florida, and I moved here anyhow. BTW, I am totally incapable of running at 35mph, so I'd be lunch.

Elaine in Florida

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What has drawn you to this area?
Just curious, lucy

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Maybe daily jogging might get you prepared?

Or - how about wearing a disgusting perfume that'll turn the 'gators off?

We'd hate to lose you.

joyful guy/Ed

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