Do you like your ducasse or shoji slider door?

newcastlemomSeptember 20, 2010

I could really use the voice of experience here. In rennovating our kitchen we've widened the doorway into the dining room to 4 feet. My designer recommends a double french door in that doorway, opening into the kitchen. (No room in the dining room.) That means we'd have 2 foot wide doors open most of the time, against the base cabinets on either side of the doorway. I think that makes using the counter directly on each side of the door a little claustrophobic.

Today I saw a Shoji door in a showroom and it looks like it would be a real space saver. To get the 10-relight "french door" look I'm considering using the DuCasse hardware system to hang the doors, suspending the doors on the dining room side of the doorway.

Does anyone know: Does it take specialized know-how to install?

Do you have furniture on the same wall as the door? I understand I'd have to place the furniture about 2 inches away from the wall but according to the salesman it's common to do so. The doors could just slide open and then tuck behind those furniture pieces.

What do you think?

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Doing some research and it looks like these are called "converging sliding doors" or barn doors. Seems like Johnson Hardware has a pretty good system, too.

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Johnson Hardware always seems to come highly recommended.

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Thanks CLG

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