Anyone live in Florida?

downsouthFebruary 10, 2005

DH has his mind on buying a mobile home in the Orlando area and I told him the property taxes may be so high, that we could not afford even a mobile home. Are property taxes extremely high in Florida?

What other expenses would we incur (if anyone lives there and has a mobile home that can give us some insight)? We still want to keep a residence in Georgia, so a mobile home would be the only option for us in Florida.

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I can't answer your questions, but your post reminds me of something I saw in the travel section of our local newspaper about "The Disney Syndrome". After visiting Disney world, a lot of people want to move to Florida. The author said, "what they don't understand is the traffic is bumper to bumper, the heat is terrible and the bugs as as big as cars. I think he makes a good point.

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After all the hurricanes Florida has had I wonder how much the insurance on a Mobile Home would cost.I lived in Miami for over 30 years and a mobile home is not where I would want to be in a hurricane. Unless you own property you'd have to put it in a Mobile Home Park probably.

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I live in a 55+ mobile home park in central florida (not in the Orlando area) and my property taxes are about $100.00 per year. My insurance just went up to $318.00 per year. As for hurricanes,I have lived here since 1950 and we only had 1 hurricane through here before last year. Take your pick....snow and ice, floods, tornados, forest fires, earth quakes, drought. We all have something to worry about.

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Olddog thanks for that info. I cannot wait until I become a snowbird, I will take my chances with the hurricanes just so I can be warm in the winters. I am so tired of snow, ice and bone numbing wind chills. AAHHH Florida is where I want to be.


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south, Those insurance companies. Seems they keep finding new ways to limit policies or not pay when you need them and after years of paying in also. Some are even having trouble getting new homes insured.

Tonylyn, You have it wrong. As snowbirds we have the best of both worlds: more moderate summers and the hurricane season is over by the time we head for FL. BTW: Costs vary a lot depending on where in FL.

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The home parks are not like in the north. Some are quite nice with beautiful if small, landscaping etc. Just look around, better yet, walk around visit with the people, see what the park and management are like.
Good luck.

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We wanted to buy a condo in Florida for seasonal use but all the hurricanes have changed our minds. Do you rent in a mobile park? I would hate to have to worry about a home I owned in a mobile park community.

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We lived in Florida for 17 years. At first it was cheap living, but things have changed so much. The taxes and homeowner insurance have doubled or tripled along with the housing costs. We withstood 4 hurricanes in 2004 in our area and this Spring we sold our home and moved to Georgia. We will go back for visits, but not during hurricane season. It was much too stressful for us. Damaged trailer parks and beachfront property have been purchased by investors in many areas, and very expensive condos have replaced former inexpensive housing. You may want to do some research before you make a decision.

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I have to agree with oldog1213. We love living in FL. We came from PA due to my health. The taxes are about $100/yr. for only the carpot & lania not on the house. We have our house up for sale right now we are moving to another 55+ community due to the fact we need more room for company. If I can help you with any other questions, you can email.
I hope this helps.

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We lived in Valrico for 5 years. Amazing how much water costs, considering how much there is....even in the aquifers underground. I hear it's the cost of purification that raises the price so much. Here in Charlotte, NC we love being able to water and not worry about the costs...... we are aware of drought conditions occasionally. Everyday for me in Fla. was a new discovery... I loved the space launches, lizards, frogs in wind chimes and door sliders, spoonbills feeding along the roads..... sandhill cranes with youngsters at the mall..... so many new things for a kid from Indiana. Enjoy it all. Lily

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i also agree that it depends on where in FL you live and also what you think is expensive. i came here 8 yrs ago from chicago where $1mil townhouse is cheap and property tax is close to 30%. i live in seminole co and have an old home from '69. my insurance for 1500sq ft is $750 (hurricane deductible $2500) it has gone up $200 each yr since 04'. in 04' we had 3 hurricanes that damaged our house, fence, trees and property. my insurance claim for a new roof and repairs was denied because my roof was several yrs old already LOL. i spent more than $10K out of pocket repairing damages, i don't dare file a claim for anything or i could (most likely would) be dropped. then i'd have to go to Citizens and pay an average of $1300 for insurance. my dh will be finishing his degree in 2 yrs and we will be moving to a mid-level priced home but i will never ever invest more $$ in a house in FL than i can afford to walk away from. after what we went thru w/ the insurance & the hurricanes i feel like you really have nothing as a safety net in insurance. i know too many people who also got nothing from insurance (or FEMA or anyone) and had to go on and pick up the pieces.

more than likely your homeowners insurance is going to be higher than property taxes. property taxes is also dependent on where you live. the nicer & more desirable the area the more you pay. i don't know exactly what i pay, somewhere around $1200 assessed around $100K (houses selling around $275K in my area which is the average first home cost) but it does go up a few hundred $$ a yr due to schools, city stuff, our subdivision got a beautiful brick wall surrounding us, etc... i don't know anything about mobile homes thou. definitely look around, there is a huge difference between seminole, orange, osceola, polk and lake co as far as costs, taxes, amenities, recreation etc...and as you get further from these areas things get even cheaper. ~ liz

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Beautiful manufactured re-sales located in 55+ communities, central florida.

Here is a link that might be useful: ReneesResales

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Manufactured homes are easily flattened by hurricanes. They are cheap but there's also a lot of risk.

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I am retiring from teaching in May and would like to live in a 55+ mobile retirement community where you can purchase the property you live on--not on the water--perhaps inland some. I lost my husband a year ago, and have a place on the lake in Tn I will keep. Would someone recommend something for me. I can be emailed at or I will watch for the posting here. Thank you in advance.

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I live at The Plantation of Leesburg, an active adult community in Central Florida, that has some older manufactured homes, as well as newer stick-built & concrete block homes. I BELIEVE you would own your lot if you have a manufactured home, but I'm not 100% sure.

Here's a link for some resales.

Also, you might want to consider The Villages, a LARGE active adult community that's about 20 miles north of Leesburg. The Villages, too, has older manufactured homes. Try Googling The Villages.

To be honest, if I were single/widowed, I'd consider The Villages first, as the community is very large, with lots of activities.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Plantation of Leesburg

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I live in Cape Coral, FL and yes, the taxes are EXTREMELY high. However, there is an ammendment going on the November 2008 ballot that will cut property taxes by 25%. Voters are expected to approve the ammendment, however sales tax will take the hit to compensate for it. We also own a vacation home in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and our taxes are 80% less than in Florida. Check out the website below for more housing opportunities in the mountains:

Here is a link that might be useful: Mountain Homes and Cabins

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