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JudithFebruary 20, 2002

I know this question has been asked in the past, but, I'm asking it again. I hope to retire in about a year and 8 months. I am hoping to find a supplemental insurance to Medicare that I can afford. Does anyone have an insurance through AARP or can anyone reccommend a good company? What about Physician's Mutual that I see advertised on TV and in the newspaper? I won't have much of a retirement income, only around $1,200 per month. Thank you for any information. Judith

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AARP is supposed to give good coverage. We have Blue Cross and I don't know how it compares pricewise to others. We are paying $100 per month per person. It is for their basic coverage and unless we get quite ill, it would be cheaper to pay the difference ourselves.

Be careful what type of coverage you get. They offer all sorts of things that you really would seldom if ever need, like ambulance transportation, and it raises the price. Ours pays just the 20% balance of what is left after Medicare pays it's 80% of the approved amount. It does not pay for the deductable. getting a policy that paid the $100 deductable would have costed much more than $100 per year.

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You might talk to someone from your insurance company. Allstate does have several programs thru Blue Cross. Depending on what state you live in, you can contact the Insurance Commission for ratings on different plans or companies. If you get a HMO, like Kaiser, you could be better coverage, but it does limit you to a specific area. You can call different indepentent agencies listed in the yellow pages. Most insurance companies will send you information free, and sorry to say, also a salesman to convince you that theirs is the BEST. I would not talk to a the salesperson without someone with you. Most information you can get from the office. Also ask your Dr/medical group which one they honor or prefer. You are smart to start now so you will make a good decision later.

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The one thing I can tell you is that my neighbor and her husband had AARP Gap insurance and both have had horrible health problems and AARP has paid and paid and paid without any hassle. My neighbors husband was in and out of hospitals and nursing homes and had serious health proceduress and AARP paid everytime...My neighbor herself is now on kidney dialysis and has other health isssues and AARP has always come through for her.....When we retire...We willl go with AARP just because of what we have seen with them using AARP.

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Thank you all for your replies. I think I will look into AARP too. Judith

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We have AARP and even though it is a little higher it has paid all our needs. The sister in law has a policy with the local Hospital and it is less but she is limited in coverage if she travels. Arp will cover your needs after medicare where ever you are. They also keep good records. A friend with Texas State Teachers supp has had lots of trouble. may have a forum for Insurance.
Research, research and more research!!!

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I have been retired ten years.I have been in two insurances.Oxford very good .Plan went out in my state.Ettna very good plan went out in my state.Joined aarp the best yet.With this plane you can go to any doc.with no referral.The others you could not.They also give you good discounts on aol. and if you have it taken right out of your checking account you save.They have over ten plans.Ihave the cheepest 69.00.Fits my needs.Goldy

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