Any US'ers retire to Canada?

marys1000February 9, 2008

Anyone done this? What are the requirements/issues? Or perhaps have second home there?

I understand that currently with the dollar low this is probably not financially attractive right now, but I'm still curious.

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I think it would depend on where. Prices are higher, and so are taxes. Weather, again depends on area. Check to see if they will accept your insurance, they will not accept medicare. Lots of things to do, great people. You have to have a passport to go back and forth, new requirement 1/1/08 and proof of identity. If people want to visit with children, again new rules. I would visit/rent first. Hard to get anything but routine medical because of the way their system is set up.
We get lots of Canadians shopping here.

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I visited Vancouver and fell in love with the place, but alas, the medium price range for a condo or home is $350,000. I would become a pauper If I lived there.

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The major problem with Vancouver is that there's a big sea on one side.

And some big mountains on the other.

With not much land in between.

And laying water and sewer pipes through the rock of the mountains is a pretty big task.

The other side of the equation is that a great many people want to live there.

But there are other cities in B.C. And a big island, not far off of the coast.

Though the U.S. Dollar doesn't go as far as it used to ... Canada's still a pretty good place to live.

When you've been here 3 mos.? 6 mos.? you can get a provincial health card, I think ... meaning that a high percentage of medical service costs come without fee.

In Ontario, they recently retreaded an income tax surcharge of, for me, somthing like $475. per year, last year, I think, sliding scale depending on net income, to help pay medical fees.

I pay it gladly - though I hardly ever see a doc. ... and haven't spent time in hosp. since 1952.

Good wishes for enjoying life where you are - and learning more about it as time goes along.

When we get to heaven ... do we know everything? Wait a minute ... wouldn't that make us equal with God? I think I smell a bit of Genesis 3, here. Garden of Eden, anyone? Sure would detract from one's enjoyment of life if there aren't any apples in heaven!

ole joyful

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I've been traveling quite a bit and have liked two places that I would like to move to or rent a place for a few months. Vancouver was one and the other was Taos, New Mexico.

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late to this discussion,but our plan is to move to the canadian maritimes. since we long for a few acres near the beach,where we can raise some chickens and ride the ponies without worries of traffic, this seems to be where we could afford a decent size farmette near salt wtaer. it helps that we prefer cold weather!

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