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sf_treatJanuary 28, 2010

I just had a new Simpson door delivered to my home today. The hardware isn't here yet, so it is just in my living room. We live in a colonial house, so I was excited to get a traditional door with bullion glass. It was even used as an example in the Simpson catalog. There are at least four pictures of the bullion glass, all of which make it look as though the glass is etched. So, the door arrives and the glass is not etched. I also don't see the concentric circles one sees in bullion glass. In fact it just looks like two, big naked boobs at the top of my door. Sorry if I offended anyone, but that is the only way to describe it. The glass in even convex to the point. There is no way I can hang this front door. I like the quality of the door, though.

So the store is being nice, so far, seeing as I took the picture with them to order to door and said I wanted it to look exactly like the picture. They are offering to have replacement glass ordered and professionally installed at their cost. What do you think? Will that lessen the integrity of the door at all? The order clearly states no returns on special orders, which I understand, but this looks nothing like the picture. What would you do?

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Replacing the glass might void the warranty of the door manufacturer, but if the glass outfit is reputable and experienced in replacing the panels, especisally knowing how to properly seal them, I'd go for it. This outfit is willing to work with you and has made a decent offer, imo.

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