CertainTeed Class Action Case

DrazDJanuary 19, 2012

Just got my final letter denying my claim. Did I expect anything else? Considering the number of posts on this board and Internet search results The World knows that CertainTeed made some bad shingles. I complied with all the original requirements to file a claim but still my claim is denied. Continued arguing with "them" is obviously hopeless so this post is just to get rid of some frustration. You can be sure I won't buy anything made by CertainTeed again.

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Sorry to hear that DrazD. We too filed a claim and after 6 months had not heard from them. We didn't even get our usps return receipt back indicating they got our materials. But then one day a check arrived for around $1200 (can't remember exactly). We were shocked. It was a small fraction of the cost of the new steel shingles. I wonder what their deciding factor was on whom to pay or not?

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You can be assured the attorneys that brought the class action have been paid well.

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I had a new roof installed a year ago with CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles. When was the timeframe for the lawsuit?

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The shingles that are the subject of this lawsuit are organic asphalt shingles manufactured from July 1, 1987 through 2005 under the brand names Hallmark Shangle, Independence Shangle, Horizon Shangle, Custom Sealdon, Custom Sealdon 30, Sealdon 20, Sealdon 25, Hearthstead, Solid Slab, Master Slab, Custom Saf-T-Lok, Saf-T-Lok, and Custom Lok 25.

However, not all shingles marketed with these brand names were CertainTeed Organic Shingles. The Horizon, Independence, Hallmark, and Hearthstead brands were marketed in both organic and fiberglass formulations. Also, all shingles CertainTeed sold after 2005 are fiberglass shingles. If your shingles are fiberglass, they are not part of this lawsuit.

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