Speedcook (advantium) conundrum

Teehee1984April 20, 2014

I am in the throes of planning a much-needed kitchen remodel that is now 2.5 years overdue (....when my ge double wall oven went belly up)

I don't really need a double oven, although on occasion it has been really nice. I also like the height of a wall oven and I'm not ready to go for a slide in. ...So that leads me to the speedcook option over a traditional/convection wall oven. That fits my needs and space restrictions.

Problem is, if I do the advantium (which seems to be the overwhelming favorite in terms of speedcook ovens), then I am stuck with putting a matching ge oven below it. I was thinking ge monogram/pro,but I am afraid the ge monogram will be junked in 8 years (that was the planned lifespan/planned obsolescence of my last ge oven, as it turned out).

In that case, I am better off spending $1000 more and getting a wolf to be put under wolf's less favorable convection microwave (just a souped-up sharp microwave) or the miele. In the long run, that would probably be cheaper.

I do a lot of cooking and baking. .... But ovens should be engineered to last more than 8 years. Such a waste - this practice of planned obsolescence. It seems better to pay more upfront than to fill our dumps with these junky appliances.

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Why can't you put an Advantium with a Wolf oven? The Monogram and the Wolf aren't styled so differently that they'd look bad together. Give yourself an inch or two of trim between them if you're really concerned about the looks.

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Sadly, I think that almost all appliances, regardless of brand, are planned on "dying" now in about 10 years give or take.

You can put an Advantium over any other oven appliance. As plllog mentioned, just put a little bit of trim between the two and you should be just fine.

I'd get the appliances that I really want, rather than going "matchy" just to match...unfortunately, I found GW AFTER we had already purchased our appliances...if I had found this place before, I would have made different (and maybe better???) appliance choices.

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I have a GE Monogram Advantium oven and a Monogram 4 burner gas range with grill and griddle. The range is unbelievable!! First, my baked goods come out of both ovens like I would expect from a bakery. The gas cooktop is durable and looks great. A cousin that cooks at an upscale eatery cooked for my family as a gift and complimented us over and over on how much he liked my range.

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I'm putting an Monogram Advantium Pro style over an Electrolux Icon Pro wall oven.

I agree with andreak100 that planning on any of our appliances being functional in 10 years is probably wishful.

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Advantium over Elux Wave Touch, for your visual reference. :)

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I have the Advantium over a Wolf and most people think they are the same brand. The clock colors don't match but I turned off the Advantium display. Heading home from Boston and harder to post pictures from my cell phone but if you look up A2gemini final reveal, you can see the ovens. Badgergal- as always feel free to post a picture:-)

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