The Villages in Florida!

betty_the_villagesFebruary 10, 2002

We live in "The Villages" in Florida. Where do most of you retired people live? And what is it like where you made your "Trails End?"

Living in a retirement community is a great lifestyle. We have entertainment every afternoon and evening..and it is free! Get to travel all around in our golf carts. I think there are about 30.000 residents here. It is a safe place to live and it is affordable! I belong to the computer club. My husband enjoys the "Wellness Center" health club. It is an exercise center with all the updated equipment, pool, hot tub and all. He is 83 and works out 3-4 times a day. Write and tell us where you live and what you do after retirement.

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If those of you who live in retirement villages don't mind, could I ask about the cost, compared to other life styles? I know some don't like to reveal financial info on the internet and I understand. But I would like to be able to compare options. Thanks, if you can provide info. Some "typical" scenarios would be useful.

Personnally, my house is paid for, and I garden, so monthly expenses are pretty low for me. If I sold my house, I could probably get $200,000, but I am not sure how long that would last, and I doubt I could live off of the interest on that amount, re-invested.
-- Marie

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The cost of living in a retirement community, varies. The lowest cost of living in a retirement community would be to move to a nice Adult Retirement Mobile Home Park. There are many kind to choose from. You can buy a mobile home and buy the land. Or rent just the land and own the mobile home, or rent both.
I know here in Florida there are Retirment communities where you can buy a really nice home for $50,000 and not own the land (99 year lease). That way taxes are very low, but the maintenance fee is some higher than if you owned your own land. We have lived in both.
If you have some income and put money in an interest account
you can make it fine, especially here in Florida. I know several people that have done that and it is working out OK.
If you want any more information I will be glad to help, my email address is:

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Betty, In what part of Fla. is The Villages? Do they have winter rentals? DH and I would like to 'try' before we buy.
Also, I'm been reading about all the 'bugs' in Fla. That's a little scary to me. Did you move there from the north or were you always southerners?

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The Villages is in central FL. Between Ocala and Leesburg, FL. Yes they have winter rentals.
As for the bugs...we have no bugs. The Villages keep that under control.
We lived in Florida for over 50 years. We are originally from Pennsylvania.

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It has been a while since I checked this topic out again. I wish others would write more here so we can keep it going.
My husband and I are "house sitting" at our son's home in Ocala for 2 weeks. We are having real nice weather here in
Ocala today,(The Villages too.) We just had a nice evening rain. (much needed.) What kind of weather are y'all having in your area?
Our son flew to Russia to be married to a Russian girl. He met her on the Internet. I hope all goes well.
Try to keep this subject on Retirement going.
Betty in Florida
I am just talking!!! Someone else talk now <:->

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Hi Betty,

We have had mild temperatures here on Long Island, NY for March. We usually visit Jupiter, Florida in March for a couple of weeks -- sometimes for a month, but this year we did not go south. We didn't have to.

A colleague of my husband is moving to THE VILLAGE. How long have you lived there? Is it true? 30,000 residents? My goodness that must be a big area.

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hi betty, here in detroit it was 17 on fri. 52 today and sun its calling for snow and the 30s. i cant wait to get down to ft.myers to visit my family.

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Bill, I am happy for you that you will be coming to Florida. It has been in the 70's and 80's here. It sounds so cold where you are now!
What family do you have in Ft Myers? All our children live in Florida. Two were born here. We moved from cold weather back in 1955 to Florida. We love Florida!
Betty in Florida

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hi betty, i have a dad,stepmom,uncle,aunt, and 2 cousins in ft.myers, also a few retired freinds. and in a few years my wife and i will also be in that area. we fly down about 3 times a year. i have been to the ocala a couple of times, for car shows and to check out the don garlets drag racing museaum. by the way what part of penn. are you from? my dad grew up in alltoona. enjoy the great weather, its 21 deg. with light snow tonite in mi. ----bill

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Surely you didn't move to The Villages when you came down in 1955... where else in Florida did you live (or did you start TheVillages???)hehehehe.

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I am from Altoona, Pa. the same as your Dad. Please tell me his full name, maybe I know him??? He would of had to attend Altoona High School. I wrote to you private, but have not heard from you.
Gina, We have only lived here in The Villages for maybe 8 month now. We lived in Orlando most of the years that we have lived in Florida. We love it here where we live now. There is so much to do here. The best part is that we can ride our golf carts to where ever we want to go here in The Villages. We really would never need a car. Everything you'd ever need is right here.
We lived in Pennsylvainia for 22 years.
Betty in Florida

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My only concern is that you paint such a glowing portrait of FL living is that you'll attract more folks to live here!!

Even though Perrier Water is taken from the springs in Florida, I... a RESIDENT.. have to have a water filter to even begin to drink the water.

The dumbass County Commissioners see nothing wrong with approving a 55 acre farm for a change in zoning to residential with 15000 (yes, fifteen thousand) houses to be built in spite of our water rationing with our current houses.

Maryland is a much better state to retire to... you'll have the changing seasons, a bit of snow == but not much, clean air,,,, DON'T COME TO FLORIDA!!!

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Wow Betty, is that a big place. I went to the Marion County flea market today and went home by 441/27. The buildings are beautiful. It seemed like we drove miles down the road and were still involved in the shops. Yes, I believe it would be easy to have 30,000 people there.
Elaine in Florida

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Gina in FLorida.......water is becomming a big problem in the south and south west.

I went before the county commissioners in reference to how our water coop was being run. Now one of the board members is suing me. He says I defamed him. The Board was letting 70 % of our water pumped go down the river. The county commissioners just told me to get a lawyer. They also allowed a bottled water company to come in, now those with wells close by are are having trouble.

I wanted to retire in Washington State. But my husband did not. This is "Home"

A lot of people are retireing in North East Texas. Like any place it has some+++++++++ and some-----------!

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Your problem comes under the SW water management
District office in Brooksville.

We have no problems here in this area. Our water is suppose to be the best in Florida.   
Hope all goes well for you!   
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Hi Betty! I'm from Hollidaysburg,Pa. Very close to Altoona!! Just thought I'd tell ya!! lol

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Gina and everyone,
I think perhaps you are worried about the water in the very South part of Florida. But Our son, a Geologist and has his doctorate and tells me they are working on getting that improved.
He was the one that suggested that we move to the Villages. He says the water here is the best in Florida.
He wrote a book on the water in these counties. I have a copy of it. It explains everything in
detail. In short, our area lies on top of the Floridan
Aquifer. This aquifer that stores water comes to the
surface in parts of the county and consists of a highly
porous limestone called the Ocala Limestone. It was
deposited millions of years ago during the Eocene Period
from an ocean that covered all of Florida. The Floridan Aquifer extends into Georgia and represents the main source of portable water for much of Florida.
Hope this helps anyone that is worried about relocating to Florida. Not only the Villages have excellent water, but we have many retirement communities here near us in Florida that are great places to retire. Some are more affordable than others. But, they are all very close here to the Villages and anyone living there can still drive (even less than miles) and just a very few miles and still enjoy "The Villages."
Just thought I'd let y'all know so you would not worry about water. Any questions feel free to ask! Again I remind you, we have lived in Florida for over 55 years. We came from Pennsylvania after we were married.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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Well, Congratulations and poopeidoo for your son the author. Come drink a drink of water on me... I'll give you a taste of the stuff out of my regular faucet.

We still have watering restrictions that say that "if you have a new lawn, you can water every day for 30 days"... that tells me that the NEW folks can use up what I've been conserving.

That tells me that the County Commissioners, no matter what platform they ran on can make deals with developers.

That tell me that I just might need to get more actively involved in Local Politics. (Altman.. look out!! The Devil's moved down from Georgia and gonna looking for a brand new ride)

I still think you have an interest in promoting "The Villages". Disclosure please??

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Betty, I went through all the previous posts,,, how was it that you figured out that SwiftMud headquarted in Brooksville was my water supply???

Give me some credence to promote The Villages, and I will. Give me no evidence to promote it, and I'll tell everyone to avoid it.

You are still sounding like you own the place.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

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I do believe you on your water supply where you live. We used to live in Orlando, and our water tasted terrible. It was full of sulfer. We came to Florida with 4 little children and I had 3 more here in Florida. We were very poor and had to get used to the water. Soon we got used to it. But it did make the plumbing fixtures yellow.
But, it was from a well my husband had dug. We did not have any city water then. Gee! that was over 50 years ago.
I know they ration water now for a lot of area's in Florida. Even here we can only water on certain days of the week. Like the even addresses on Tuesdays and Fridays
and the odd numbers on Mondays and Thursdays. But I'm speaking of the quality of our water here; it is very good.
Gina, I am ready to meet my maker and my husband is very ill,(84) and we are far, far from being rich. My husband is retired from the post office. We live on a pension and budget how we live. We do not play golf and we do not live in the best of homes here. In fact we are living in one of the smallest home in our community, a resale. My husband is on oxygen 24 hours a day and cannot get out much. He has a small portable oxygen tank that he uses to take his golf cart to go to the store when he is able. That is not often. But, we are happy here. It is a safe place to live. How I wish we did own the Villages. There is a family here that owns this place; I don't know their name. We are no relation at all. I have never met them and don't expect to :-)).
About your question "how was it that you figured out that SwiftMud headquarted in Brooksville was my water supply???"
My son was visiting the day I read your message; he
surmised you might be in that area.
"Some credence to promote The Villages" It is just that we are happy like it here. "Give me no evidence to promote it" I have no evidence to promote this community, except that we are happy here and all the people we have met here seem happy too. It is safe and we like the weather. As I said before, the water tastes very good. Some people here and other places in Florida buy bottled water. We don't and never have. But I guess that is all over the world?
I guess I do talk too much about "The Villages." There are several other nice communities near here. One is called "Spruce Creek", it is a beautiful retirement community. "Harbor Hills," and "Stonecrest." All are really nice. Then Dell Web has another good place to retire. We had a hard time making up our mind on a selection. Hope this helps settle your mind.
One of our sons lives in Ocala. He is trying to get us to sell our house here and move behind him in a house that is for sale. We are not sure if we want to make the move from here and perhaps have to depend more on him. My husband says "NO." He says we have to stay independent as long as we can. Gina, the only thing I would want to promote is for everyone to have a good relationship with the Lord to be happy.
God Bless!

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Betty, I just want you to know that I love hearing about the Villages where you live. I am sorry that your husband is ill and hope you can stay independent for a long time to come. You seem like a very nice lady who has worked hard raising her family and appreciates what you have in life and I applaud you.

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Betty, I must confess that I also felt that you were singing the praises of The Viliages just a little too much. I wondered why. Why don't you start a new post without referring to the Villages so much. A new post with a newer date would generate new interest. I live in Georgia, and while I will admit that many LOVE Florida, I could live forever without setting foot on the soil there. It is toooooooo hot. I remember staying in Sarasota one summer, the glare from the cloudless skies gave me one big giant headache everytime I went outside. I don't even want to go there in the winter.

The Villages sound as an ideal place to live....for you. Retirment communities is not everyone's cup of tea. It's a good thing that you and your husband have found such a nice place to make your home. It suits you and that is wonderful.

Please keep us posted as to your husbands condition. I think you might be wise to think more on your son's wish to have you nearer to him. I don't think you would give up your independence by moving. Are you getting a lot of help from your neighbors? When your husbands condition worsens, and it will, the move would be more difficult.

Take care of yourself. You may have a rough road ahead.

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The only reason I have praised "The Villages" is because for years I wanted to move here. We had viisited it here about 7 years ago and I was so excited. I prayed that someday we could live here and God answered my prayers. I do wish my husband would of agreed to move here 7 years ago. Then we could of enjoyed all that it offers! I wanted to share this place, so I wrote about it. It is a great place to live, at least for us. We are used to the weather in Florida. It took six month's to a year for us to get used to Florida. But after our blood thinned we loved it and still do.
I will take your advise and start another Topic on living in Florida. I am getting a little worn out defending it. But there are so many people that want to know what it costs to live in Florida and wonder if they are able to afford to retire here. Just today some one wrote me and ask if I would mind sending them information on what it would cost to just rent for the winters. I looked up some ads from owners in the papers and sent them to her. If I can help older people to come to Florida I will be happy to.
Another person wrote last week for prices of the homes here. I sent some ads to them so they could see for themselves. I love people and if I can help anyone I am happy to do so!!!! I will stay away from this Topic here. I do not want to upset anyone.
Aileen thanks for your suggestion.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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Betty, I don't know if you will still be reading this thread but I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed hearing about the Villages of Florida. I am about 18 month from retirement and thinking seriously about relocating. I want to relocate somewhere that I can afford and that has good weather. I don't like cold and snow and ice. Thanks for posting what you have about the Villages. It is some place that I will consider and try to find out more information about it. The only thing that would concern me, I guess, is if it gets terribly hot and humid in the summer. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I, for one, have enjoyed hearing about it. Judith

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Hi Betty, just one more message about the villages...we just were there two weeks ago and loved it..however, we have about other places in mind, Spruce Creek, The Plantations, Oak you know how to compare these places..we are so afraid of making a mistake but we want to move there in an over 55 comm.... what are the pitfalls of these can email me directly if you like so that we
do not irritate the other people. Thanks

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Betty I just read that your husband works out 3-4 times a day at the health club where you live. Then you said he is very ill and on oxygen. I have a good friend whose husband is on oxygen and wondered how your husband is able to work out that much and what kind of workouts he does. It might help her husband. Thanks!

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Marcia, to explain. My husband's condition just started to get worse; in the past two months he has had to start doctoring regularly. Just about two weeks ago he was put on oxygen just when he needed it. Now a few days ago the doctor put him on oxygen 24 hours a day. He gets off every now and then for maybe 10 minutes and has to get right back to it. He has not been able to work out at the Health Club now for sometime. He has worked out for over 15 years and that has given him a longer life. He still exercises here at home with the oxygen in the mornings. He has to keep the oxygen on while exercising, the doctor told him. He lays on the floor and does some floor execises. Then we have a small work out table for lifting weights. He uses that, but uses only 5 lb weights. Then we have a tall workout stand where you can draw up your legs and do leg exercises.
We have had this tall stand for years. I use it.
But, it is sad, as he can not go to the exercise room anymore. Maybe he could push himself to go, but we feel the exercises at home are OK.
(I guess this would mix people up with him being so sick.)
Write me at and I can answer any of you or your friends questions. What kind of lung condition does your friends husband have? My husband has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis; no cure for it. He is now on a new medication that is suppose to stop the disease from growing. We pray for the best!
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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hi betty, i think its great you found a place to live that you love, go ahead and promote it! because i know what its like to hate where you live, detroit mich! and i can think of nothing good to say about this area. well i guess the pay is so good i will be able to retire 10 yrs early! live long,life is good!-bill

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Hi Betty,
I also have enjoyed reading about your place of retirement.

My parents lived in lauderdale, and then buit a home in St Cloud, then moved to Kissimmee in a retirement Village and were in Fl a total of 15 years. My dad loved it there, but ran around the house without a shirt on. Bless his heart he passed on 8 yrs ago, Mom is 89 now and back up here. Dad always taked about the water problem down there (shortage).

I myself am not sure what we will do, when the time comes.
I hate the winters and cold here. We enjoy golf and I am semi retired but my Dh still works.
We have thought of tryng differnt places as vacations and then spend 2-3 months in the South and then come home. We are in Ohio.
I appreciate all you said, you sound like you have had a full and active life and deserve to stay where you like .
As far as Detriot! get out of there!!! LOl!!
Thanks for the advice, Lucy

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Hi Betty I just found this site and loved hearing about your home in Florida. We winter in Texas but have always wanted to try other places so hearing about them is great. Wish more people would tell us about their retirement homes. Its fun to hear of new places

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Tris, thanks! I love to hear of other places for us retirees also. We tried Arizona over 55 years ago. We often thaoght we should of toughed it out there. I was pregnant and wanted to come home :-((

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I just wanted y'all to know that my email address has changed to:
Betty living in The Villages in Florida

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Hi Betty The Villages! And hi to all here.
I brought this post up as my husband and I just returned from spending Jan-Feb-March in The Villages. We love it there! Spent a week there last winter on The Villages program. This winter we rented a villa from a private party for the 3 months.
Send me an email Betty.

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I went to a while back and put several things in the search. I remember putting "low taxes", "safe", and I don't remember what else but The Villages Florida came up in the TOP 10 and so did this web page with all yalls letters.

I read with interest and found Betty to be the one I liked to read posts the most from when THIS forum's letters link was clicked, but there were 2 of yall that I thought were extremely rude when all she was trying to do is share her love of where she lived. Even through yalls harshness, she remained courteous.

If you had taken a little time out to do a search on The Villages Florida, you would have found the web page that you can order a DVD or video and SEE what she is talking about. Next time, in lieu of "bashing" or "questioning motives or wondering if her family "owns the place" , do a little research.
Get your own FREE copy of a DVD or video of The Villages by clicking into their main web page.
and after you see the DVD, you'll wonder why MORE letters of "The Villages" praise wasn't made by her and others. They seem to have everything there, and ANYONE you talk to that moved there can't say enough good about it. Shame on all who were less than kind to Betty for simply trying to explain to yall that she found a wonderful place to live. Shame on yall for questioning why her husband could go to a gym but be on that is your business...and it had NOTHING to do with her enthusiasm about the Villages she was TRYING to share with you people, and no, I don't know Betty nor have I ever even so much as spoken to her.

I read every one of yalls posts and believe me, the one I'd like to meet in person would be Betty. Personalities DO shine through on line...both good AND bad. Betty seems like a wonderful person. Thanks Betty for your great posts and info on The Villages.

I live in Texas and am not even old enough to live at a retirement community yet, but I will certainly visit The Villages January 2007 and I hope to meet Betty.... and for the rude ones on here, no, I don't work at The Villages or have family that own it either. I'm just a person that's educated enough to do a simple Google search or search in lieu of trying to question the motive or intent of an obviously kind and sweet lady like Betty seems to be.

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My humble apology to Marcia. I missread your letter on the husband issue. . . but my views stand on the other rudeness displayed in other posts on this thread, and Gina should be ashamed of herself. What an unhappy person she must be.

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Does anyone know what happened to Betty? It's been very long since her last post. I remember reading somewhere that her husband died and she moved from The Villages and remarried but that was awhile ago. I wonder how she's doing. She sounds like a real nice, sincere lady.

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I do not know about retirement in florida. I made my desition to retire to Panama because of the low living cost, and the tax policies that you have living there. I invite you to write me if you want to have my experience living here.

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Panamaretired - please start a new posting so that your information isn't lost at the bottom of this one. I think there must be a number of people who would enjoy hearing about your experiences. I am in the NW and thinking of Tucson. That is about as far away from my family as I can imagine. Was that a concern for you? Do you speak fluent Spanish? Are you happy with the medical and dental care you get there?

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devorah thanks for your reply, i started a new posting to share my experiences living in Panama.

About to be away from my family, yes it was a concern. I one son but he is already married and living in Germany since 5 years ago. It is hard to move to a different country but sometimes when you want to continue you have to look for your own benefits.

Here in panama so far i have everything that i need. And the medical and dental care is good enough. I am going to the local John Hopkins hospital.

Lets keep this exchange in the new post i made!

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What are the differences in the various Villages if any?
I am a very active divorced 65 yr old and would like to meet a single lady to date, dance and so forth.In other words which is the best Village for a single?
Looking to move to the Villages in November. I'm a Snowbird. Have been wintering in Clearwater and summering in the NW Chicago Burbs where I go with the biz I own for the last 15 yrs.
Any comments would be appreciated

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My husband and I are going down there in sept. to see what all the people are talking about. I received the video and cant beleive there is so much to do there. Cant wait to see it.

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