Chimney Repoint Question

goldensmomJanuary 22, 2010

My 30 year old brick chimney is deteriorating and had some companies come in to get estimates.

The 1st company wants to repoint whole chimney, replace brick on top 4 layers and right side, insert new crown est 2,400. My chimney is huge 3 stories, 2 flues.

The chimney has come apart from the house approx. 1-1/2 inches.

Pretty much getting the same from 2 other companies. The difference between the 2 companies I am considering is the 1st wants to use "coil flashing" from the top to bottom along side of the chimney versus the other company wants to use wood molding to match the house. This is for cosmetic appearance only.

I still don't understand the coil flashing when I feel that the wood trim would look so much nicer. Does anyone have experience as to the difference the two would make?

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The issue I would be concerned about was the 1 1/2" separation from the house. Did anybody address that?

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Yes the separation issue was taken care of by a structural engineer.

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hi dear,
This is great to know that you are looking for this thing. I think you nee for a long chimney. our all friends will give you awesome suggestions..


Down Pillow

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